Let’s Talk About Puberty; Periods

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Growing up is hard.  One day you are a child then suddenly you wake up and your body is changing.  These changes can be hard for a young one to get there head around.  I feel that 30 years on from when I went through this The Girl will be far more prepared then I was.

My Experience

My Mother was never one to discuss things like puberty with me.  To be honest by the time we got to the talk at school it was too late for me.  I think I was the first in my school year to start there periods.  I was 11 and still at primary school.  I later found out both my Mother and Grandmother started their periods earlier then their peers.  I’ve always been aware of this and thought that The Girl may follow our family tradition.

My Mother handed me a book she had got from the library about 6 months before my period started.  Sadly we didn’t really have the sort of relationship where I could ask questions. Back in the 80’s there wasn’t the internet where a girl could simply google what she wanted to find the answer too.

The Birds And the Bees

Both The Girl and Boy and the birds and bees talk at school in Yrs 5 & 6 and this was followed up with two fantastic books – one aimed at each sex that explained puberty for both sexes. The Girl had a few questions when I gave them these book about 3 years ago but The Boy being a boy wanted to discuss nothing. It’s hard being a single parent to a boy and discussing these things but he’s certain he doesn’t have any questions. I think I know how he feels, I wouldn’t have felt discussing these matters with my Father; lets face it I couldn’t even discuss with my Mother.

The Girl had a few questions mainly regarding how to use tampons vs towels.  At home we had both Always pads and Tampax tampons.  We had a discussion about the benefits and negatives of both products and how when the time came she could try both and see what she prepared.

Lets Talk PeriodsAlways_UltraNormal

Teen Parcel

A lovely company called Teen Parcel had been brought to our attention a little while ago and they have very kindly supplied us with a monthly parcel aimed at young ladies going through puberty. Teen parcel is a subscription company who supply monthly packages to help young ladies with the changes their bodies are going through and their periods.

The package we were supplied with contained enough tampons to cover you for your period. There is also the option for towels if preferred. There was also a little drawstring bag to place your tampons in when you are away from home. A great discreet little bag that will be of great use of any girl to discreetly store their tampons in.

Included was also a pamper package to help to raise spirits whilst having your period. Lets face it we all like to be pampered and I found this a lovely addition.

Inside the pamper package were 3 facial products, a lovely little bracelet with a ribbon charm, some sweets, a chocolate tea bag and some fab nail varnish from

The package arrived and when The Girl saw it she was over the moon. The package has prompted a few more questions from here and for this I am grateful. I really do not want her going in to this important stage of her life confused, upset and frightened about what is/will happen to her body. Life is tough on youngsters now and anything that can ease this time of their lives is a good thing for me.

Pamper Time

The Girl was really impressed with the pamper package. Sweets, chocolate and nail varnish is always a hit with The Girl. It was clear to me the lovely nail varnish was going to be a hit. She like the way the face cleaner feel and luckily we don’t need to use the spot creams yet so we have put those away until they are needed.

Lets Talk Periods

The Teen Parcel costs £5.95 for the first month then £9.95 after. This includes postage of a box which Teen Parcel state will fit through 95% of letter boxes; no having to go to the post office if you are out! When signing up Girls can advise when their periods are due and choose either tampons or towels. The box will be delivered a few days before the period is due. Unlike a lot of subscriptions Teen Parcel is easy to cancel if you wish too. Nothing annoys me more than having to sign up for a certain length of time or give extensive notice.

Although not needed in our house just yet, the Teen Parcel really is a success with The Girl. I am happy to sign The Girl up for a subscription when the need arises.  The Girl has other ideas and my words are clearly falling on deaf ears. Anything that gets a young lady talking about changes to her body positively can only be a good thing.

Teen Talk

A few weeks ago I was invited to have afternoon tea with Nadia Sawalha and her teenage daughter to discuss having the teen talk.  It was a great discussion about talking to your children about the changes they face during puberty.

Do you have a tween daughter and have this chat yet to come?  How did you approach the subject with your daughter?  Was it an easy conversation to have or was their embarrassment on both side? Do you think your own experience influenced how you breached the subject with your children?

Finding Goslings On The Canal

Last weekend was a gloriously sunny one here in The Midlands and we just had to get out and enjoy the sun before the typical Bank Holiday weather arrived. Surprisingly the typical rain didn’t arrive here although it did get a little duller on Monday but the weather remained dry.

Needing to stay close to home as we didn’t have time to drive far, we drove in to the West Midlands conurbation and not out in to the countryside. A couple of miles away and we were alongside the Stourbridge  canal.


All quiet and peaceful. Only a short walk today as I was still having issues with my back but needed to get moving a little. We literally walked just 5 minutes along the canal and came across these two pairs of geese both with little baby goslings.


From the differing size of the two families of goslings it was clear they were born a few weeks apart.


To some extent they were quite tame and allowed us to approach quite near.  Another family were feeign them bread with the larger goslings apeared to like!


Here we were stood in the middle of the West Midlands conurbation watching these gorgeous animals with their young.  Even as a teenager The Boy was in awe.


It really is the simle things that can put a smile on your face and these young families of geese really brightened our day.


We sat on a wall at the side of the canal and watched them for what seemed like an age!


Personally I think I could have stayed there all day watching the cute goslongs walking along the bank and then falling in to the canal to follow their arents lead.


At times it is so lovely to discover what is right on yur door step and spend an afternoon having a family adventure.  Its always better when these adventures are free!

What sort adventures are right on your door step?

#TeenTalk With Nadia Sawalha & Her Teen Daughter Maddie

#teentalk This week British Chemist Boots launch their #teentalk campaign along with Procter and Gamble who make may household and toiletry products that we all use everyday. The idea behind the campaign is to  encourage parents and their teens to talk talk about changes the that will happen to them during puberty and to talk some more when they do. Basically just talk!


The #teentalk campaign is being endorsed by celebrity Mum of 2 Nadia Sawalha and her eldest daughter Maddie,13.

“Up until this point, all problems have been easy to solve….a kiss, a biscuit, a cuddle and now, things don’t feel as easy to solve, especially for teenagers.  It feels different for us parents in a completely different way than its difficult for our teens.  It’s just a big change.  We have to have a conversation that is just ongoing and changes as they change.”

Nadia Sawalha


Procter and Gamble asked some teens how they felt about their looks and there responses were that:

  • 63% of girls feel positive about their looks
  • 27% of girls feel extremely positive
  • 72% of boys feel good about their looks

These statistics are encouraging.  I know how I felt as a teenager and back then there wasn’t the pressure of the internet and social media.  so much pressure is put upon our youngsters and by talking to them then we can reassure then what they feel is normal and help them to deal with the stresses of the modern world; one very different to one I know I grew up in.

Puberty is a time for many changes that occur both physically and with our hormones and emotions.  I strongly believe like Boots, the key is to talk.  I know I never want to repeat my own experience with my children.  I want the to be armed with all the relevant fact and more.  Plus I want them to know that they can ask me anything with out being embarrassed.

“The teenage brain changes phenomenally and it’s such a confusing time for them”

Sarah Newton, Teenologist


My children are 12 & 14 and I started having a general talk with them around about 8 or 9.  I also purchased some lovely books which were very age appropriate and asked them if they wanted to discuss things after.  My Son, was not so open.  I’m his mum, he clearly saw it as awkward but being a single parent I tried.  I’ve brought the subject up a number of times since but he doesn’t want to talk.  I can’t force him to talk and I never would but he knows he can talk to me if he wants to.

My daughter on the other hand did ask some questions and she also knows that at anytime she can ask about things if she wanted to.  I’ve explained to both of them I’d rather they ask, then be confused or unclear about anything.

It’s embarrassing to talk about these things but as a parent I’d rather be embarrassed than have my children be so confused as I was because my parents told me nothing.  My period started at 10 and I thought I was dying.

“Some of my friends haven’t had that chat…maybe because they don’t have an open relationship with their parents or maybe their parents are just embarrassed”

Maddie, 13


Like Nadia, Maddie and Teenologist Sarah Newton, who I had the pleasure of meeting also, I firmly believe talking is the key.  Its all about preparing our children for the next, often daunting chapter of their lives.

“Its about keeping that relationship together and talking and yeah we’re going to get it wrong sometimes but it doesn’t matter, as long as you just keep talking”

Sarah Newton, Teenologist

Just talk, talk, talk and little your child know you are their for them when they want to talk if they don’t feel the time is right.

“It’s about just asking….Do you want to talk to me about this or do you want to talk to someone else?  It’s the best parenting tip ever,,,just ask the question”

Sarah Newton, Teenologist


I don’t think anybody is going to say talking with your teenager will be easy and at times they won’t won’t to talk, you’ll get frustrated that they don’t want to but just try again another time.

“As a mum, I understand all too well with the challenges of communicating with teens.  They suddenly go from wanting to tell mum everything, to one word answers!  And you can’t solve things with a quick cuddle or a sweet treat.  First shaves, first periods and new personal hygiene and skin care regimes are all unfamiliar experiences for teens and can be difficult topics for parents to approach”

Nadia Sawalha

From my experience with my two children I very often get them blocking the subject out!  It’s a hard topic to talk about with your mum as its of a such personal nature. I just reassure them that I’m there for them.


“Sometimes you are just not in the mood to talk about stuff and other times you just want a cuddle”

Maddie, 13

Boots have in store this great #teentalk booklet which is available free in store.  It has some great tips on how to tackle this topic and some great insights in to what your teen is going through both physically and emotionally.  Boots also in conjunction with Proctor and Gamble have some special offers in store from now until 30 May 2016.  22% of parents admitted to not knowing what products to recommend/purchase for their teen.  There are some great offers in store right now on products they will love including Always, Tampax, Gillette, Venus and Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel products.


I also have a competition running where you can win some of these lovely products for the teen in your life.  Competition ends 31 May 2016

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And if all else fails?  Sit down an eat some cake like I did when I met Nadia and Maddie for afternoon tea last month!


In exchange for talking about this campaign I was provided with a selection of goodies from Procter and Gamble that are available in Boots to help your teen find their way successfully through puberty.  I also had afternoon tea with Nadia and her lovely daughter Maddie.

What Blogging Means To Me

Blogging can be whatever you want it to be. To be honest I am little over all the blog posts that tell me I have to do this I have to do that.

I even saw one recently that said to be successful on Instagram you only follow 1/4 of the number of followers you have. Ie you have 400 followers you should never follow more than 100.


If we all took that approach nobody would have any followers. My Instagram followers are half the number I follow yet I have 5 times the number of followers this person had. The person who was telling me I was doing it all wrong has less followers than me. Total madness.


My blog isn’t perfect, it does rate highly with page views but it’s mine and I like the way I run it. It’s not all about making money which I feel blogging is turning in to. It’s about doing what makes us happy. Doing what we want. Doing it our way. On our little space on the web.

Blogging to me is therapeutic. It allows me to put my thoughts down and free space in my head. In this busy 24/7 world we have found ourselves in I really think we should use whatever tactics we can to slow our lives down, to get back to basics and enjoy life.


Have we all become money orientated?  Are e unable to do anything without their being a commercial gain?

Do you find blogging is turning in to how to blog guides, how not to blog guides when the experts telling us have only had blogs for a short few months?

Do you find these blogging guides useful or do you keep on blogging your way?

Making Home Printing Easy With HP Instant Ink

I love scrapbooking.  I love this hobby that allows me to keep a record of our family memories.  It’s something that I find so relaxing. A hobby that I can do at home but also I hobby I can partake with friends. Scrapbooking has brought a lovely bunch of people in to my life.

home printing

I like to record my family memories as soon as possible. I just don’t like sitting around waiting for my photos to be printed then sent to me. I like to have my pictures when I want them. I like the flexibility of printing photos at the size I want not the size a company think I what. For me home printing is the way to go.

home printing

I have tried over the years a number of different printers and the best printer for my needs has been a HP. Their printers give me the quality and resolution of print I want for photographs. I don’t want sub quality photos to record our memories. I also want a printer that has good quality reasonably priced ink. With HP I’ve always got this.

home printing
But what I really want when I am printing photographs at home to use in scrapbooking is to not run out of ink, to have supplies when I need them. This is what I like about HP’s ink subscription service.

Do you think the subscription service would be something you would benefit from?

home printing

I love the idea of not running out of ink as when home printing nothing annoys me more than running out of ink part way through printing photographs. I love there is a reminder when you get low on ink because despite my printer telling me I always forget to check.

Am I the only one who runs out of printer ink at the most crucial time?

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