Hello and welcome.

I’m Candace and I am Mom to 2 tweens, 4 cats, 2 rabbits and 9 chickens.

Us Three By The Sea blog was started in January 2013, the year that will forever be known as ‘The Year Of Change’.

In 2013:

Lucky old me turned 40 in March 2013. Yep, that’s right, the big 4 0. It seemed so far away yet just crept up so quickly.

I also lost my job as a Tax Inspector in the January due to ill health.

This forced me to reassess our lives and I made big life changing actions:

#1 – I went self employed. No more people in charge of me. I took control.

I own and run a bricks and mortar and online store; Lou Lou And Jim Jams Toys specialising in wooden educational toys.  We also stock Thomas & Friends and Silvanian Families.

And if that is not enough I also do admin services, book-keeping and file tax returns for Sole Traders and Partnerships who are good at their jobs but need a helping hand with record keeping and admin services.

#2 – We moved house. Moving from the Midlands to Wales, to live by the Sea.


And the other two? My Son (The Boy, 14) and Daughter (The Girl, 13).

I have been a blogger since March 2010 but my first blog had developed so much since I started it and the title covered such a small part of what I wrote about.

A new chapter in our lives deserved a new blog and ‘Us Three By The Sea’ was born.  My blogging has since expanding to include a foodie blog, an over 40s lifestyle blog and a crafting blog.

This blog is a record of our journey as a family of three after we ran away to live by the sea but then had to relocate due to ill helth.

April 2016

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