There comes a time when you have an invisible illness that you are sick to the back teeth of being told you don’t look ill. It’s even worse when your kids have invisible illnesses and you are told they don’t look ill. They have been seen outside playing so can’t be ill.  There are more Children with an invisible illness than you thinks Problem is with an invisible illness you learn to get on with things and when you can’t get on with things you aren’t normally out and about. But this doesn’t stop the comments. Earlier this month I… View Post

Since December it is clear to say we have not been blessed with a run of good health in our house.  The New Year started for me with a dislocated little finger and then quickly turned in to a nasty dose of pneumonia for The Girl. The Girl has been having a few stomach issues for a couple of years now and the hospital have slowly been ruling things out after thy changed her meds for her JIA as they originally thought that was the cause.  Last week she went for an MRI. We had to travel down to South… View Post

A cautionary tale of what not to say to a person with Chronic Illnesses. December was a month filed with glandular fever for The Boy. Then January was a month filled with pneumonia for the The Girl. Before I knew it February had hit and here we are at half term. I’m tired. I’m exhausted. Quite frankly my brain is frazzled. These past 2 months of illness came from nowhere and took over my life. Routines just went out of the window. Work was done between Drs appointments, hospital appointments, blood tests, chest X-rays, administering antibiotics, giving painkillers and humongous… View Post

Last year, after much thought, crossing out of ideas, adding new items, umming and arring I came up with a list of 50 things that I would like to do before my 50th birthday in March 2023.  Having just passed the 18 month mark I thought it might be good to review what I am working on to try to keep myself on track. In January I picked a few goals to work on this year. A big list to concentrate on but for now I’ll just talk about the achievements. Raise £100 for Charity This says it all! Develop… View Post

I’ve said before on the blog that The Girl has JIA or juvenile arthritis. She tackles this horrid incurable disease with such a mature attitude. Yes, we have down days when we have tears and days where she is frustrated and quite understandably looses her temper. It’s hard as an adult to understand why our bodies don’t do what we won’t them to do. It’s even harder for a child. A couple of weeks ago I was so proud when we received this certificate in the post from Arthritis Research UK. She did a few sponsored events and sold some… View Post