Life was so much different 3 years ago.  We lived in the Midlands.  I was stressed out by a job that I had to spend too many hours doing.  I worked what was known as a term time contract; this meant I worked full time but did not work school holidays.  Sounds good doesn’t it?  There were 2 real down sides though.  I automatically waved goodbye to a 1/4 of my wages and secondly work allocation did quite stack up with other colleagues.  I worked full time so I tended to have a small full time case load.  Fine you… View Post

….life looked like this. This was October half term 2010.  Just a mere 4 years ago.  A short 12 months before this little lady was diagnosed with JIA. Oh how our lives have changed since then.  No more weekly gymnastics, weekly trampolining classes and horse riding lessons.  No more days spent at the farm looking after a horse for the day in school holidays.  No more going to Wales and down to the local riding centre and trotting along the beach on the back of a horse.  Riding through the sea as the casual waves come in to shore. All… View Post

Autumn is coming. The temperatures have dropped, especially for us at night. I like fresh air, I don’t like stuffy rooms and therefore , spend a large part of the year with windows open. The last couple of nights I have had to close the bathroom window, last night my bedroom window was also closed as I woke feeling a little chilly. Being like this has it’s advantages, it’s got to be really cold to switch the heating on. Downside of this, my friends think I’m a freak and don’t visit often. It’s too cold for them! Good side, cheap… View Post

As part of my 50 goals by age 50 I have split goals in to various categories such as work goals, cooking, things to do just for fun and crafting goals. One of the crafting goals is to complete 10 crochet projects. You can see from my Ravelry feed that I like starting projects. Having carpel tunnel I struggle to spend more than 30 minutes crocheting at any one time. Some days I can manage just a few minutes. I then have the added problem with back. I’ve mentioned on this blog before about chronic pain in my back but… View Post