It’s now the second week of July and 3 weeks since BritMums Live. Where have these weeks gone? I came away from BritMums Live happily, enthusiastic and quite frankly very overwhelmed. Everyone there seemed to know what they were doing. A couple of the sessions I wanted to attend I couldn’t. One I missed just out of being sheer overwhelmed. The other I missed due to space. The room was full and due to health reasons I am unable to stand and there was simply nowhere to sit. To be honest by the time I got home I wished I… View Post

On Sunday it was ‘And Relax’. Today it is most certainly ‘And Breathe’. Breathe because the school half term plus teacher training is over.  I don’t think I have been this thankful for a school holiday to end as I have this one.  It has seemed so stressful. Since moving to Wales and opening the shop I have been working school holidays.  This is something I never did in my previous job as I was on a term time contract.  However, when we moved and I went self employed my working life changed completely.  I still work hard.  Working for… View Post

On Monday The Boy brought his first report home from High school.  When he started High School last September unlike his peers, he had only been learning Welsh for 1 1/2 terms.  All the other children had been learning since they started school at 4.  Although he had spent a term at the Primary School Welsh unit where he had intensive Welsh lessons for the whole term he was still clearly behind. In the Education Authority we are under, they stream all children in Y7 based on their Welsh ability.  This put The Boy in Set 3.  I really wasn’t… View Post

I don’t know about you but the morning here in the US Three By The Sea household can go one of two ways; peaceful & calm or utter chaos.  The Boy leaves for school at 8am, he has to call on the chickens on his way and let them out, make sure their food & water is full before he starts school at 8.30.  The girl leaves to catch the school bus at the end of the road at 8.30.  When they have both left I jump in the shower, do some housework; washing, dirty dishes, quick think about tea… View Post

Things here have been a little stressful and tiring.  I’ve been feeling run down, exhausted and quite isolated at times.  Yes, I have 2 tweens under my feet most of the time to talk with but it’s not the same as adult conversation.  Adult conversation has not really happened here for a long long while.  It’s just been the three of us in this very cramped tiny house by the sea for the past 14 months.  The change from how it was before has been fantastic.  Once unpacked and the kids settled in school was a fantastic time for us.… View Post