Last weekend we managed to have a lovely dry day just before going back to school.  Just after The Boy was starting to feel well after being ill with glandular fever for 4 weeks. Just 3 hours before The Girl knocked my hand and managed to dislocate my finger. (It’s now 6 days after she dislocated it, after spending 4 hours at A&E Monday, I’m now sat in fracture clinic waiting to discuss the damage I have done to the tendons in my little finger, I can’t move it properly. Not because of pain but because I just can’t straighten… View Post

For a long time now I have taken a photograph literately every day of the year but until now I have kept the majority of these to myself and not blogged about them.  This is I am going to try and join in with Project 365 and blog my photos each week. This week has been a short weekend only includes 2 photos. I intend on publishing my post on a Saturday and sharing Saturday to Fridays photos. *Edited Having read some other Project 365 posts I can see others are giving explanations/background info to their photos.  As I said… View Post

To get away from the madness that is Christmas The Girl and I walked home from the Drs after our blood tests on Monday via the beach. It’s so lovely to walk along the deserted beach this time of year and I really do love to do so. Sadly the past few weeks have been rather wet and we haven’t been able to but Monday saw the winter sun shining down on us. A short and sweet walk but just what we needed to blow the cobwebs away. Linking up with Fiona at Coombe Mill for Country Kids

Last year, after much thought, crossing out of ideas, adding new items, umming and arring I came up with a list of 50 things that I would like to do before my 50th birthday in March 2023.  Having just passed the 18 month mark I thought it might be good to review what I am working on to try to keep myself on track. In January I picked a few goals to work on this year. A big list to concentrate on but for now I’ll just talk about the achievements. Raise £100 for Charity This says it all! Develop… View Post