A few weeks back some large lorries pulling trailers and then huge caravans behind rolled in to Town.   The circus was coming with these bright yellow and red stripy tents.       Now I racked my brain over and over, so many times.  For the life of me I can never remember ever going to a circus.  Had the discussion with my Brother and no, he couldn’t recall ever going either.   Spoke to my Dad, nope, he’d never taken us to a circus.  He thinks the last time he went to a circus was to celebrate the Queen’s Coronation.… View Post

Climbing on rocks is fun.     It also allows you a short rest after your walk along the esturary.     Fresh sea air which aids sleep that night.     The sun still shining but has gone a little cooler making being outside all the more fun.     Family cuddles and hugs.   What more do you want from an evening stroll? Linking up with Country Kids 

The Girl used to do Gymnastics.  She was quite good at it and then she began to have problems with her knees and ankles in May/June 2011.  Lots of swelling, pain and even a very pronounced limp. In the October we finally found out what was wrong; she was diagnosed with JIA – Juvenile idiopathic arthritis or what you may know as Rheumatoid Arthritis.  JIA is what it is known as in under 16s.   She tried to carry on with her gymnastics during this time but spent most of the session sitting on the sideline, sometimes even crying in pain.… View Post