Last weekend The Girl had her art club meeting just outside Bangor  This is a good 2 to 2 1/2 hour journey so it is not practical for us to take her then go home  we decided to head to Anglesey.  Driving all the way to Holyhead and then through to the coast down country lanes until we reached this sign. High up on the cliffs looking at this: South Stack Lighthouse.  It was a glorious sunny day.  Hard to believe it would be December in 2 days time.  No wind to be felt, just the warm autumn sun.  … View Post

There two things I love about nature; the stunning views and the changing seasons. This week we found time for a walk in the country just outside of town in the Snowdonia National Park.  The here scenery is starting to change. The colours changing from lush green to beautiful brown, coppers and russets. Nature at its best. Linking up with Country Kids and #PoCoLo.