Growing up is hard.  One day you are a child then suddenly you wake up and your body is changing.  These changes can be hard for a young one to get there head around.  I feel that 30 years on from when I went through this The Girl will be far more prepared then I was. My Experience My Mother was never one to discuss things like puberty with me.  To be honest by the time we got to the talk at school it was too late for me.  I think I was the first in my school year to… View Post

Where has my little girl gone? Those cute pigtails… The cheeky smile…. The little girl who clung constantly to me…. Thinking back to a post from 2 weeks ago of my ‘little’ girl starting High School and thinking how fast the last 11 years have flown by, my eyes just mist over when looking back at these photos. It seems like yesterday but it’s not. Just wish I could freeze time and enjoy this time with her as I know this time will pass just as quick. My little girl really is growing before my eyes. Growing up and learning to fly… View Post