The Top 6 Harry Potter Subscription Box in the UK

Have you ever watched Harry Potter or you call yourself a huge fan of Harry Potter? If so then you must know what are the below mentioned things:

  • Acceptance letter from Hogwarts
  • The 9¾ platform at King’s Cross station
  • Sweets from Diagon Alley
  • Gold from Gringotts
  • A messenger owl pecking on your window
  • Butterbeer from Hogsmeade

I don’t think there’s someone who’s a Harry Potter fan and doesn’t know about these things as these are the things about which every single HP fan ever dreamt of.

We all know that none of them exists in real life but we also know that fans have always tried their best to make their fan moment as authentic as possible.

From books to apps, movies, festivals, websites, fans are now looking forward to the subscription box of their favorite fiction character so they can make the moment real.

Similarly like Beauty Boxes, there are fiction character boxes too. In fiction character subscription boxes you will get your hands on their exclusive merch, cosplay items, eatables, posters and a lot more exciting gifts.

Incase you wasn’t familiar with these before, you’ll be really excited to know that you can also build yourself a Custom Harry Potter subscription box and if you are planning to subscribe to one of the Harry Potter subscription boxes available in the UK but you’re not sure to whom you should subscribe? Just stick to us and we’ll make it easier for you with the list of our Top 6 Harry Potter subscription boxes from which we’ve created after reviewing hundreds of these. So let’s get started!


Geek Gear

Not a fan of Harry Potter character? Not a problem, because Geek Gear has always got something for everyone. Geek Gear offers multiple subscription option to all the HP fans out there and these subscription options are, GeekGear Wizardry, GeekGear Classic, GeekGear Wizardry Special Edition, and GeekGear Wizardry Wearable. These subscription starts from £14.99 and all of them contains some really exciting collections and wearable stuff for you!


Lootcrate Wizarding World Crate

Lootcrate offers multiple monthly subscription plan to you to get your hands on their super-exciting crates. Each box you’ll receive from Lootcrate can contain, Horcrux dupes, pins, apparels, wands, orbs, and house merch. In each box you will receive 4 – 6 rare and high-quality items. The most interested thing is that all Lootcrate items are officially certified from Harry Potter franchise. They offer you a bi-monthly subscription plan, starting from £39.00.


Geek Gear Wizardry Wands

If you are a fan of Harry Potter and his wand and always wanted to get your hands on one then this one is for you.  You can get their monthly subscription for just £14.99/month and gain access to all those handcrafted exclusive wands. Let’s say by subscribing to their service, you can get your hands on a copy of Harry Potter’s wand, which is an 11” long with the core of Phoenix feather on it or you can also get your hands on a copy of The Elder wand, Dumbledore’s wand, The Lord Voldemort’s wand and many other exclusive wands.


Fandom of the Month Club

We know you must be thinking oh! another subscription box but this time you got wrong because Fandom of the Month Club subscription box isn’t your traditional subscription box. After subscribing to their service, each month you receive a surprise package from different fandom which is quite interesting and different from other boxes. Each of their subscription boxes contains handpicked items including jewelry, amulets, badges, bracelets and a lot more from your favorite fandoms which will let you complete your Potter head obsession.


The Accio! Box

The Accio! Allows you to choose your house(Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin) and receive 4-5 items each month right at your doorsteps after subscribing to any of their plans. These items can contain wearables, bath and body care products and some other exciting collectibles but at this moment Cratejoy isn’t available in UK so you have to go with other options.


Salty & Lit

After The Accoi! This is another box offered by Cratejoy. In this box, each month you will receive a new and unique candle with refreshing scent and the interesting part is that each and every candle is inspired by Harry Potter’s story. This is the perfect way to travel back in time to those days when you and millions of other people fans spend hours and hours in binge-watching and reading their favorite part.


So, this was the list of our top picks of Harry Potter subscription box in UK, we’d love to hear from you so let us know in our comments section below, which one you liked most or which one you’re planning to go with.

Best Ways to Set-up an Online Shop

Got an excellent idea for an online store, but not sure how to make it come true? Want to sell your art and crafts online, but not sure where to start?

Whether you want to sell greeting cards at home, bulk artwork, homemade jewelry or something completely different, kicking your own online store has never been easier. You never know – invest your time well and be clear on your goals, it can become a lucrative side business.

The time is right to start your new venture. Since social distance can be short-lived, this is a great opportunity to use your extra time to invest in that e Commerce idea that has been bubbling for months (or even years). Here’s how to get started.

Choose your Products:

If you already have an idea for an online store, this means that you know what you are going to sell (or at least an approximate expression). It can definitely be anything – it totally depends on your interests. The list of vintage fashion, arts and crafts, florist services, second hand books is endless.

If you have something very much ordinary, then they have to re-think their position. Below are few questions that you may want to ask yourself:

Does my product solve a problem – if not, can I make small changes?

What do other online stores do – especially products that sell similar products to me?

Is my product wide enough to attract a lot of people, or do I have to be very specific to tap and try a key spot?

The thing you need to be very clear about is what your store should do. If you are clear about the value of your product, and that means your site is likely to shine with the news and your overall interest. If so, customers are more likely to press the “Buy Now” button.

Preserving a Niche:

One word you may often hear when creating your online store is “Unique Sales Point”, or USB. This is one thing that sets your offering apart from the crowd, allowing you to tap into a unique need or market that other online store owners may not notice.

This may seem strange at first, but in a crowded market you are more likely to find sales in a clear place where no one else is hiding than if you are selling a familiar product. After all, if you can break the competition, people are more likely to find a way to get to you and buy.

To establish what your USB is, try to package your products into one catchy sentence. Make sure it combines exactly what it is and why it is unique. Think of it as your elevator pitch for new customers and use it whenever people ask you to describe what you are doing. And make it as easy to understand as possible! No one wants to be confused, but if you get a compelling topline for your online store, people are more likely to understand – and more importantly – visit it.

Determining the Branding for your Online Store:

Your branding should reflect every aspect of the reporting on your site. This means your design, logo and copy (the words on your site) should be eye-catching and clear enough so that the user will immediately understand what your offering is. You need to make sure that these key features of your online store are appreciated by each other and receive your important message.

Of course, this will not be an easy task – especially if you focus only on the product and do not use it to design a sales copy or design a mandatory user trip. If you have no background in user-centric design, SEO and / or content marketing, you may need to get some extra help by reading the article.

Finding Customers through your Online Shopping:

Something important! You may have the best website in the world and a useful, beautiful and / or compelling product, but if no one finds your site you are not going to make any sales.

There are many ways to market your online store (virtual) and increase your chances of getting customers through the door. All you need to do is to pay attention to all of the following:

Social media

Create pages on Facebook, INSTAGRAM and (if appropriate) Twitter, where you can start creating the following by posting pictures of your products and making sure you interact with similar brands. Social media is one of the best ways you can communicate with customers and allow them to communicate with you easily. Make sure you respond quickly and clearly so they know you are a reliable site!


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a web strategy that determines how high you rank in search engines like Google. SEO is a constantly evolving medium, which means it is difficult to keep up with its changing nuances. However, the basics make sure that keywords that potential customers are looking for are included in your site. When creating your online store, it is important to focus on this.


PR may also be something to think about on the line, but it can be an incredibly useful tool when you have time to consider it. Want to build your store successfully and advise others to do the same? Did you find a place where others might be interested in learning? Want to talk about starting your own online store during social distance, and how the environment has helped your business? Make sure your profile is uploaded where journalists are looking for comments for their areas (such as Session) and that you are always available to comment on news and feature stories. If people start seeing your business name in magazines and journalists start linking with your sites in their stories, you will be a winner.

Work at Shipping Cost:

With a clear idea of ​​what product or products you are going to sell, you can make an approximate weight of the package or package you need to post when you start selling. If you started to know this, then you can list domestic and international shipping prices or your website.

Of course, if you are going to spend a large sum to send to the US (for example) you may decide that it is not worth it and that you are only going to sell within the UK. That’s absolutely right – this is your shop, above all!

Selecting the Hosting Website:

Do you want to create your own site, thus giving you complete creative control? And if so, then a hosting site like Word Press or Square space might be a good idea. These giants of the industry have e Commerce plugins that you have complete control over. They have themes you can choose from, especially for online stores, and make building and maintenance of your site more straightforward.

Of course, all of this can seem like a hassle – especially if you are not used to working with websites or designing things. If so, check out sites like ETC that can host your store for you. The craft site has millions of users, so hosting your store here increases your chances of finding you through the site they already use.

Determining your Payment Base:

As you plan to sell products to the public through your online store, you need to make sure that the user experience (sister UX) is as seamless as possible. It is part of the web design, and one aspect of your online store that you will have to pay more attention to is the people’s payment phase.

Fortunately, there are various plug-ins and sites that you can use to help create a seamless payment experience. Options include Stripe and PayPal, systems designed for easy e Commerce payments. If you plan to use a website for your online store, you should explore whether these sites work for you.

Of course, you do not have to use your own website. If you feel that creating a site to host your online store is too much work or you do not have time to maintain it, try an ecommerce option like SHOPIFY instead. SHOPIFY is a subscription service that allows you to use its sales site, so you do not have to pay for web hosting yourself. More than a million businesses worldwide use it, so you can be sure that it is reliable and (equally important) actually works.

Getting Extra Help:

Just keep in mind that you do not have to do everything yourself. You should definitely think about designers, copywriters, SEO professionals and web developers, especially those who can help you. Think of people you know on your vast network, but also look for sites like FIVERR for creators looking for projects. Getting experts on board can make your life easier and contribute to the successful transformation of your online store, even if you have an initial investment in the work required. We guarantee this is the 9 easiest way to pay for your hard work!

How to Make Money Being Disable?

If you are disabled, there are a lot of easy and unexpected ways to make money on the page, even if you are not mobile.

There are actually a number of important ways by which people with disabilities can make extra money without extra hassle.

How to Make Money If You Are Not Mobile

If you are stuck at home and cannot leave the house, you may think that you have no chance of making money / but you will be wrong!

There are many ways to make some money from home – from online surveys to setting up a blog.

Here are some of the best money makers especially for you:

Make Money with Online Surveys:

Make Money with Online Surveys Online surveys are some of the best ways to make extra money, requiring very little effort. Sign up for a secure, secure online survey site and you will be paid to complete their surveys.

They do not require special commitment – you can fill them during the commercials of your favorite TV shows or when there is a half hour break.

Online surveys can turn you into 50 a month.

We recommend the Nielsen Computer Panel UK at Money Magpie. This is great: all you have to do is download their app to your computer and you will be automatically drawn into the gift tracks. Nielsen studies the behavior of Internet users and randomly selects users for monthly prize tracks, as well as large annual tracks. As long as you are comfortable in setting up, Nielsen does not need any active participation in your role.

Take a look at some of the best survey sites:




Swag bucks

Prize Rebel

GFK Media View




Valuable opinions

Inbox pounds


Product testing UK

Check out the article on Money Magpie-approved survey sites and start earning money today.

Some sites allow you to exchange points earned for cash or for better vouchers such as Amazon gift cards.

Remember, never pay to register on an online survey site.

Make Simple Money Writing In To Magazines:

Magazine often look for real life stories from ordinary people – you can make a lot of money from telling your own.

Very few people write for magazines with their real life stories, so there are plenty of opportunities to contact feature groups and sell yours.

You can earn around £ 2,000 depending on how exciting or interesting the story is – in fact a Money make reader earned 200 2,200 for his life story.

Stories can vary and you can talk about anything – magazines are looking for tragedy, hope, inspiration or comedy stories.

Easy Ways to Sell your Story to Magazines:

The process is simple. Contact or email a journalist by phone (or contact the features team via email) and outline the story you want to sell. You can get your money back in two weeks!

One break magazine pays up to 2,000 for real stories, while other magazines and newspapers offer £ 200 to 2,000 depending on how good the story is.

You can do more by adding a related photo, which will make your story even more interesting!

If you have a life story that you want to sell, target magazines that you know will be relevant to your story.

For example, the story about dramatic weight loss would be ideal for a magazine like Woman Weekly, but it would not be the best for the overall picture!

Money Magpie’s friend, journalist Mel Fallow field, is always looking for real life stories for various magazines and newspapers. If yours is a good story she can probably get a few thousand. Contact her at and she will let you know how much you can get for your story.

Keep an eye out for press contests too! You can win big prizes for doing the least.

Some magazines also reward money for tips, recipes and star letters. Check out your favorites and see what they have to offer.


Have a Sharp Eye for Details?

Make money verification if you can find grammatical errors from a mile away, verification is the right business for you.

To be a proofreader you need to have the best quality of English and strong attention to detail so you can find all the errors in the documents and manuscripts.

There are no entry requirements to become a Proof Reader, but relevant experience is a bonus (and if you have a degree in English, it does not affect anything!). Checkers detect errors in the text and make changes.

Certificate reading pays surprisingly well, with a minimum hourly rate of £ 25 for experienced and qualified proofreaders.

For those with less experience, don’t worry. A talented new proofreader can still earn up to 10 an hour. Not bad for a flexible job.

Another great thing about freelance proof reading is that you usually work from home (hence no higher travel costs) and flexible working hours. You can plan your work tomorrow around the deadline and how long the manuscripts will take.

When you have finished your work, you are done with the day. So, if you are a fast and diligent worker, you can earn a good salary suitable for your social life.

Make a Name for Yourself Online and Make Extra Money – or For Free!

Did you get the ideas people need to ask?

Consider setting up a blog.

Blogs can be about absolutely anything. They can be as personal as a kind of diary blog or you can write about something interesting.

If you have something unique to say, write it down. It can be very therapeutic and make good money from blogging if successful.

Here are some helpful tips on how to make your blog popular:

First, write about something you like. It’s important that you make it fun or you’ll not be motivated and people will see less of it. You need to express excitement.

Publish your blog on a popular site like Word Press. To help you learn more about running your website, the free version comes with a lot of tutorials.

Remember to focus on promoting your blog in a variety of ways. Telling your friends and family and using social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) are great ways to keep track of your content!

Finally, you can use your blog to sell things or promote your own services.

Make £ 15- £ 25 an Hour As a Virtual Assistant:

Virtual Assistant Positions are actually the best opportunity to make money is if you are not very mobile even though you are proficient in computer.

To be a virtual assistant you need to be computer literate and confident in major software packages. If you have limited mobility in your hands, you can replace your workstation with things like talk-to-text software.

Virtual assistants are in high demand from small businesses that cannot afford full-time management support. Some large companies use virtual assistants to work from home: most secretarial tasks are completely remote.

As a virtual assistant you will answer calls professionally, answer emails and manage diary bookings. You need to be proactive and work to meet deadlines, and you may be tested to see if you are performing to a high standard.

You can find work as a virtual assistant by signing up for a decent free company and earning up to 150 a day. We recommend VOT to promote and deliver your services to companies around the world.

How exciting is it to work with customers around the world and interact with people from different countries?

Create Companies That Call for Money:

Make Money as a Mysterious Shopkeeper If you are not mobile, there are a lot of phone based mystery shopper jobs. You call a specific company and ask a list of questions. The only thing which you need to do is to report their response.

The online world also needs mystery shoppers. Your role is to send specific inquiries to websites. You will monitor the speed and correlation of the response. Again, you will provide your feedback with a straightforward and simple questionnaire.

You will be paid when you report your findings. Once your bit is completed, you will be paid within 24 hours of your appointment.

Wage rates vary for different agencies and organizations. You can expect to earn £ 5- £ 25 per job. However, the pay for the work of a phone call mystery shopkeeper is very low – தொலைபேசி 1- £ 5 for a phone job.

It obviously doesn’t pay the bills, but it’s a fun way to make a little extra money. If you are interested in participating in mystery shopping, check out our article on the best and safest mystery shopper agencies.

Never pay to join a mystery shopping company. You get paid for your service.

Making Money by Communicating With People:

Communicate with people on the phone if you have a friendly, customer-focused approach and a good, professional telephone system, working as a telephone agent will be the best job for you.

There are a lot of home based call center jobs for people who are not mobile. All you need is a computer, internet and telephone, your job is to simply answer customer service calls and provide better service.

Customer service is increasingly branching out. Customers contact companies and search their questions via email, social media and online chats, so there is more technical support work for those who do not have mobile.

In addition, social media surrounds us and dominates the internet. Many companies hire individuals to be responsible for their company’s social media. It is now important to improve products or companies.

Keep an eye on virtual social media roles on work sites because you can get some great cash.

How to Make Money If You Are Semi Mobile?

It’s okay to get around, but if it’s only causing you more trouble, try one of these ways to make extra money

Make Money Around:

Make Money as a Home Sitter Believe it or not, you can make good money from sitting at home.

The occupants of the house will look after the vacant property while the owner is on vacation or for business.

Householders’ responsibilities include caring for pets, keeping the house clean and tidy, and other basic duties.

Overall, house sitters do not need to do much and get good money for their services. They are mainly for prevention of burglary and to keep the house clean while the owners are away.

There are also opportunities to earn money for short-term work, and many agencies may help you find short-term home sessions. You can even sit at home for a day! You have to wait for deliveries or contractors.

How to Become a House Sitter?

For regular and sometimes instant home sitting work, sign up at a reputable company such as Trusted House Sitters and Mrs. Hunt Staff.

You will take care of someone’s home, so you will need to provide tips and interview to the agency.

A checklist shows the duties of sitting in your particular home and you can always contact the company if you need help or do not know anything.

Sitting at home is perfect for anyone who wants to make extra money on the side. Rates for a long-term home session are around £ 30 a day, often including meals. However, if you accept additional responsibilities such as caring for pets, you may be charged extra.

Additionally, if you have other household chores, you can do it while you are sitting at home (unless you have dogs to walk with). Otherwise, read TV you can enjoy getting paid!

There are a lot of short-term jobs during the summer holidays, so house sitters say this is a good time to apply.

Get Some Cash By Tasting Food and Watching Adverts:

Making money in Focus Groups and Research Focus Groups is a fun and interesting way to make money.

Sign up at companies like Tag in Research and you can earn up to 250 to share your opinion.

The focus groups vary from filling out two weeks of paid surveys, to reviewing and evaluating various products and TV commercials before publishing!

This is a wonderful opportunity to make some good money and meet people from all walks of life. This is great for people who want to test products and talk to people. You can also share your thoughts on innovative products and services.

Sometimes, you will hit the jackpot and test the food. To learn more about how you can become a crab tester, read our article on getting paid to test food… Yes, even chocolate.

If you can’t go to a focus group, you can participate in online focus groups or even do an interview over the phone.

Make Money With a Punchy Pun:

Create money writing slips for greeting cards.

Write messages for greeting cards for extra money!

Although this is a very competitive market, you can make a lot of money from writing humorous lines, and it is an exciting career to work with. A punch bun can earn you up to 150!

The most popular cards are funny, desirable and humorous snippets. Who doesn’t love brilliant humor that puts a smile on our face?

However, other greeting card types include sentimental messages and traditional cards that use rhyming poems.

The first step to publishing your message is to grow research. Decide what kind of message you want to write on greeting cards and find out who publishes this type of message.

Worth coming to a high street card shop like Clintons. Spend time looking at the cards and noticing the relevant publishers you want to contact. The publisher can be found on the back of each card.

Keep an eye out for major stores that sell greeting cards, e.g. Book Stores, Garden Centers, Craft Stores and Gift Stores.

Also, visit greeting card trade fairs, where you can get publisher contacts and do some networking. You can even show them your example greeting card messages.

Golden Rules:

Always read the submission guidelines before you submit your work. Find them on the publisher’s website.

If you submit the job and do not follow these guidelines, your work will not be read.

If you cannot find their guidelines, write to the publisher to request them.

When you receive a response regarding your greeting card message, keep track of your contacts.

It may take a while to get going, but many people do good business from greeting card writing, and it is a very creative, interesting profession. Always keep Checking out the Greeting Card Association site for freelance work.

If you want to make money from funny greeting card writing, check out our detailed article.

Earn Money By Selling your Old Stuff:

Do you have a pile of used books, DVDs, games, CDs and clothes to make money selling your old DVDs?

Sell ​​them and make extra money!

As they say: Nice house, elegant mind and you will be a good rich man.

Sell ​​on sites like Zit fit, Amazon and eBay. Find out how much money you can make by typing the barcode in GIF.

Make Money as a Piano Tuner:

People with disabilities can be piano tuners to make extra money Piano tuning is the best way to make extra money.

It is a very creative character and this work is very suitable for people who are interested in music, pianos and arts.

Piano tuners work best with wealthy clients who want to tune their pianos regularly. If you enjoy building a positive relationship with customers and going to people’s homes, this might be the right job for you.

Also, recording studios and theater shows (especially in the West End) need professional piano tuners.

Piano tuners charge a minimum of £ 60 for tuning, and regardless of how long the tuning takes, it will be a good return for your money!

Make Money If You are Mobile, But Have Other Drawbacks:

Movement is not a problem, but if you have other health issues that can hinder your ability to look for employment, here are some great money makers to try.

Earn £ 60 In An Hour By Dog Walking:

Mobile Disabled Money Can Do Dog Walking If you are mobile and enjoy getting out in the fresh air, dog walking may be for you.

Dog walking is an interesting, lively work that pays off surprisingly well. You can earn up to 60 an hour if you dare to treat four dogs at once. Some may take more, so this may be a lucrative business idea.

If you want a slightly easier dog walking experience, you can earn up to 15 per furry friend at a time. This is the perfect job for animal lovers.

You can go about dog walking by joining a company like Tailster for instant work. Tailster is free to join and advertises you to hundreds of people who need a dog walker.

Of course, the advantage of working with an agency is that they work hard to get jobs. The downside is that they cut money.

Alternatively, register as a dog walking company at Petball and apply for jobs there. You can advertise your services in your local area – through billboards, people’s doors, on local websites. You can often find new customers when you leave the dogs. Be sure to pick up a stack of business cards when you leave.

Make Money Busking:

If you feel you have the confidence and talent to be able to make money for the disabled, why not try busking and entertain the crowd?

People are loaded to make some extra money on the page. Always keep in your mind that this is not about the music.

You can express yourself and entertain others in many ways. You can make a little good money until people enjoy it.

Comedy acts and other personal performances are desirable because they are so different. You can be a witch, a clown or a life idol!

Make sure bussing is allowed where you plan to do it. Be sure to come to a safe side check with your local council. If you travel in the wrong places you may face severe, unhappy fines!

Some bus drivers report earning around 150 a day in central London. This is instant money in your pocket! You still need to declare this income to HMRC.

A backpacker said he takes $ 250 a week from a part-time bus on Corn market Street, a central and popular tourist area in Oxford.

Try to bus in tourist areas and at good times. It would not be wise to take the bus at 9am on Mondays or in the evening rush hour when everyone is trying to get home! Instead, try the bus on weekends and public holidays.

Finally, London Underground offers wonderful opportunities for buskers because about 2 million people use the pipe every day. You pay a fee of £ 20 for a one-year license. If you are serious about the bus and want to make some money from it, that’s a good thing to do.

The London Underground Busing Project is also great for sending regular newsletters to their buskers, including job advertisements and job announcements. It’s like a company that needs an actor for an event or exhibition.

Go ahead and get on the bus! Check out our detailed article for everyone you need to know about busing.

Top 5 Tips for Disabled Persons:

The Best Tips for People with Disabilities Look for the job-disabled trust logo that can be found in online job descriptions. This indicates that the employer is committed to hiring the disabled.

If you are a disabled person looking for a job after school, look at the training program run by the government.

Go to your local job center and find your disabled employment counselor. They will help you in your job search and inform you about the appropriate courses you can take to improve your experience and skills. They can also teach you interview skills.

The Work and Health Program is another government-funded program that helps people with disabilities find work and stay employed through free courses.

Access to employment provides subsidies for current workers and those entering employment. They can pay for special equipment and help with commuting to and from work. Both employees and self-employed people with disabilities can apply for this program.

15 Best Tips to Make Money with the Help of Your Mobile Phone

Can’t stand being separated from your mobile phone?

We know about that feeling.

But, at Money Magpie, we have decided to bring our mobile phone addiction to good use and make some money from it.

Shore your Savings with Mobile Surveys:

Studies are fun, aren’t they? As a customer, you need to fill in the quizzes to make sure the answers are always correct.

Companies need customer feedback for every little thing, which means they are now willing to pay you to mark a few tick boxes.

All you have to do is download one of the apps below, start scrolling and make money online with your mobile phone!


Sign up for Inbox pound and earn money reading emails, completing surveys, watching videos and more.

You can simply lounge in bed, make a phone call, and make money while watching TV.

You will even get a pound to sign up for!

Sign up for free today.


For example, iPod is available in any country in the world, and you pay $ 5 upfront to register.

The minimum amount to pay like iPod is $ 10, but you have to wait until you reach $ 50 to actually get your money in cash. Before you reach that amount, you can redeem your income with gift cards or magazine subscriptions.

Note, however, that IPOLL charges you a 3% discount on PayPal payments, which take two to four weeks to receive. Although this can be avoided with a prepaid Visa card, you should check for hidden costs when using any of these applications.

To increase your money and save time, Survey Chris advises you to fill out profile questions first and stick to surveys that pay $ 1 per minute.

Some of the best survey applications include:

Swag bucks

Life Points

2. Clear Out The Clutter:

At Money Magpie, we wish you all the best in resolving the confusion. See our clear your clutter section for more ideas on this.

Some of the best online buyers of your old junk now have mobile apps that make it even easier to clear.

For example, the Ziffit app has the simplest feature of a barcode scanner, which means all you have to do is take a picture of the back of your crushed book with your mobile phone for an instant price estimate.

The application is completely free and can fetch up to 4 per book that cannot be sold. When you get some of your old books together, the payment will go up and you will not have to worry about delivery or transaction costs. I say this is the easiest way to make money on your mobile phone!

Other applications:

Music Magpie


Let go

De clutter

Click here for our best tips on selling your old stuff and celebrating a clutter-free day.

3. Search for Big Bucks:

Earn £ 20 plus income for your first month

Join Ipsos Mori’s Compass and earn £ 20 for your first month and £ 10 each month.

All you have to do to join is complete the five minute questionnaire and install the free app.

They are currently only looking for Android users.

If it sounds like you, what are you waiting for?

Register here.


MobileXpression is one of the most paid apps to keep you browsing!

This is one of the easiest ways to make money as it aims to understand how the average person uses the mobile internet and determine the quality of websites. One of the questions the website asks is if using the Internet on non-mobile phones (i.e. PCs, tablets, etc.) is the same as on mobile phones. Similar to the way TV analysts view ratings to get a clear idea of ​​the statistics of different shows.

Once you install the app, it will sit quietly in the background of your phone and monitor your web activity to see which sites are the most popular.

The information you submit is completely anonymous and is still undetectable when compiled with other users to create a detailed report on Internet trends and activities.

Join today and get started by getting an Amazon gift card a week later!

Being a member is also good for the environment because after 90 days, Mobile Expression will plant a tree with trees of knowledge to recognize your participation, after which you will be a member every month.

Before you sign up, make sure you check what others are saying about the app online because survey forums often contain information you need to know and great tips on how to maximize your profits.

Try more:

Nielsen Online Panal

Embee Mobile

4. Get Rewards by Listening to Music and Videos:

Now if you want to make money by spending a few hours a day on your mobile phone and luxury, grab the latest online videos, this is the app for you!

Don’t kid me, you’ve already done it, but when you really think you need to do something else.

Make an excuse to do it now as you can get paid to watch music videos and commercials from your mobile phone.

For example, it gives points whenever you switch on the TV. You can get stuck in the red button functions and answer questions if you want to progress. Wiggle even gives extra points for watching a series!

You can redeem points for vouchers and gift cards from more than 800 locations such as Starbucks, Food Locker, Groupon and Best Buy.

However, it takes 600 points to earn $ 0.01, so it takes perseverance to make a profit: it is only worth it if you spend every day in front of the TV.

Do you like hiccups? Then love:

Ad m

App Trailers

5. Get Addicted to Applications:

At Money Magpie, we like paid apps to try the cutting edge of the market because that means we can be ahead of the game!

Because it rewards you for trying out previously unpublished apps, the app to try is user testing.

Sign up at to do sample tests and start paying for your honest feedback.

Feedback is submitted by voice recordings and a $ 10 fee is charged via PayPal for each 20-minute session.

Feature points pay you to try out new points and gadgets, and add a big bonus if you add your friends to the board. Make sure they sign in with your referral link and you get 50% of the points they earn!

Since 600 points equals approximately $ 1, this will be a great boost to your earnings.

You can trade your points for gift cards from the best brands like Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes and Xbox.

Why not check out some of these apps?

Free My Apps

Inbox Pounds



Taking photos on a mobile phone

Are you a photo fan? Do you want to join it after school or university?

Why not get some easy experience under your belt by submitting your mobile phone photos to apps like Phoebe?

Phoebe is a stock photo website, so it also looks at high quality phone photos of everything under the sun.

After uploading your photos to the site, you will receive a $ 5 salary each time someone buys yours. Then 20 downloads and you might have earned $ 100 – not bad for some stylish snooping!

If you already have beautiful follow-ups for your photos on Instagram, make sure you see the popular pace. Insta-famous photographers use the brands app to use their products and they will be sent to you for free.

If you have about 500 followers, for example, you can start each day with a light cup of free coffee! Not a bad way to make money on your mobile phone!

Do you like the sound? Make sure you also:

Icon Zoomer


7. Become a Corporate Spy:

Ever seen a little spy?

This is your chance to transform yourself into the shopping slot you’ve always wanted to be in: Bond Street Money penny.

Task-based crowd funding apps like Field Agent are available to iPhone users and charge you to visit retailers near you.

Agents have two hours to download the application and then complete the task of their choice.

Trips include:

Barcode checks prices by photo or scan

Product Reviews

Studies and polls

Checks business locations

Brochure Job Opportunity

Tasks are published on a first-come, first-served basis, but the more points you get, the higher the payment challenges are exclusive to you.

The amount paid for each job varies from $ 3 to $ 12, so after some work, the money will actually increase.

Try more:

Easy shift

Gig walk

Reward able

I Secret Shop

Task rabbit

8. Your Routine Will Be Rewarded:

App manufacturers are aware of the fact that people want to make money when they are efficient with their time. This means you can get paid to talk about your daily business.

For example, Locket is easy to use because all you have to do is install a specific type of ad on your home screen, and then you will get paid every time you open your lock screen.

So, we basically say that you are going to get paid to open your messages and check the time on your phone!

The application (which is only available for Android users) however earns .0 0.03 per hour, which is a realistic maximum of 48 0.48 per day if you open your phone 3 times for 16 hours.

Locket allows you to withdraw cash in cash as soon as you reach $ 10. This means you should do this for about 3 weeks before seeing any results.

Shop Kick is another app that gives you points for going to the shops. Using GPS, the app locates your location and sends appropriate offers, which will then increase your total if you spend money with your card.

The company has driven TechCrunch since April 2017, with more than 200 million store visits, over 270 million product scans in the aisle, and more than 2.5 billion in total sales from brand and retail partners.

But points do not depend on purchases, then gift cards and discounts can be exchanged from major brands such as Mendoza, Ragu, Ben & Jerry, Ruffino Wines, Zircon and Starbucks.

Another application you should try is Sweat coin. You will simply get paid for the walk. So, if you have a load-bearing workload in your daily routine, this might be of use to you! The Rewards usually range from top-of-the-range shoes to the latest iPhone.

Why not try:

Receipt Hog


Checkout Smart



9. Sweat up a Great Profit:

Gym Pact is a genius app that promotes your cash incentive.

All you have to do is download the app, set up some physical challenges yourself, and then check every time you go to the gym or do some exercise from home.

But if you do not work, your account will be ducked pre-determined money, which will be sent to someone who exercised.

The app usually pays about 30 0.30 or 40 0.40 for a job, and you can request payment via PayPal once you reach $ 5.

I don’t know about you, but it definitely wakes me up in the morning!

If you think about the health of yourself and the environment, another great application that offers discounts and freebies is Clean Space.

The application works with a small device called a clean space tag that connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and monitors the level of carbon monoxide in the air.

Instead of getting on the bus or driving your car, the app offers discounts and freebies for every mile you walk, run or cycle, as you can find your transport routes through carbon monoxide levels in your immediate environment.

After a mile, for example, you can get a free coffee in the upper crust, while after 15, you can get a £ 5 voucher towards PayasUgym

10. Change your Currency into Gold:

Always wanted to own something other than money but is it worth it? Well, why not turn your money into gold?

Clint is a game-changing app that allows you to spend gold digitally. You will get your own MasterCard and can use the card anywhere in the country or abroad where the MasterCard is identified. You top-up the card with a bank transfer or debit card.

The best feature is that every time you buy an ounce of gold the same menu is physically assigned to a vault in Switzerland. This is allowed because Clint works as a depositor with Lloyds Bank.

Another thing is that if you do not want to keep your money in sterling, but are not sure about gold, the app will allow you to save your money in another currency like US Dollars or Euros. How good it is!

So, if you want to make money, turn your currency into gold and wait until the price of gold rises!

Note: The application indicates that this is not a bank. But every bit of gold you own is protected by the Lloyds of London.

11. Call Other Countries for Fully Free:

This is the moment to say goodbye to summer tragedy because you never have to pay to send a message and call back.

This is because apps like What Sapp, Facebook Messenger and Skype make it easy to call your friends for free during the holidays.

Compare this with standard international call rates from most mobile phone providers, avoiding charges of up to 49 1.49 (talk mobile) per minute.

These apps allow you to send voice recordings, videos and photos for free, and even video chat!

Of course, this all depends on internet access, but if you are abroad and need to call your parents for an annual check-in, Wifi is often readily available, and whether you are in the depths of the Sahara or in the heights of the Himalayas you can go and buy data before connecting that way.

Now there is no reason why you should not ring the house!

12. Beat Back on your Bills With the Price Comparison Tools:

Keeping control of your energy bills is now easier than ever because useful apps like Hive and Nest keep track of your home for you.

Did you know that the average heating bill costs up to 49,494 per year?

Nest can help you reduce your household expenses by up to 15% per year, even if you go out early from 9,249 to buy a computer. This will be more than the fee for the initial expense!

When you buy it, you will get a small white box, which will need to be wired with your boiler to get the thermostat to connect to the internet. This allows you to control the temperature of your home from your mobile phone as the device sends a signal to your boiler using your WiFi once you have downloaded the app.

After using the app for a few days, Nest remembers your heating habits and creates a regular plan for you. This means you no longer have to worry about having a thermostat in your boiler, and you can sit back and relax as your phone transforms your home into an efficient and eco-friendly one.

An even easier way to reduce your bills from your mobile phone is to look at Money Magpie price comparison tools. These ensure that you get the best value for your money when it comes to your energy, mortgage and bank accounts, and can do that while traveling.

13. Wire money via What Sapp and Have Payment Straight to your Phone:

Everyone knows that a friend has always left their wallet at home or lost the card.

What Sapp has come to solve that awkward situation by introducing colleagues to mobile payments.

Hammel-Bonten, chief product officer of PPRO Group, says, “What Sapp has more than a billion users daily, which means most smartphone users can pay and receive through the app. Paying within the app will allow friends to quickly and securely transfer money to their favorite messaging app without having to carry physical money. It will be released functionally in the UK version of the app, which will mark another seismic move towards a new cultural event – the cashless community. ”

This will reduce the amount of spare change around you, thus helping to keep you and your friends above your finances in the future.

14. Proceed With your Spare Replacement:

Spending 99p is often annoying because it is true that every penny counts, often the slightest change gets a lot on the side of a car seat or in the lining of your bag.

Acorns is an application that surrounds your online purchases, making investing seem like a small and accessible task rather than a big and bulky task. This means that if you spend 35 7.35 for headphones, the app will come around up to a pound and put 63 0.63 on the exchange-trading fund of your choice.

Acorns has so far raised nearly £97 million in venture capital, closing its latest round of funding in May 2017. It’s so easy to invest, you cannot even think about it!

KiTTi is another utility that helps you keep your wallet on top.

The application is powered by Santander and allows up to 100 users to make payments at a joint digital Piggy Bank, which can be used to pay anything with a prepaid MasterCard.

This reduces the hassle of buying a joint birthday gift for someone and making it less confusing to split a bill.

15. Recycle your Mobile Phone for Having Cash Rewards:

If you finally have enough of your mobile phone, you can get a little more money as websites pay to keep its parts. At Money Magpie, recycling your phone is very easy and we have set up a brand new comparison tool that can be accessed by clicking here.

This tool lists some of the best recycling companies and the prices they pay for your particular model. Some major recycling companies include:




Compare and recycle


Most recycling companies will even accept broken phones as each phone is given a unique rating, and free mail means you don’t have to worry about delivery and transaction costs!

To learn more, read our guide on how to recycle your mobile phone for money.

Oh, and Always Remember to Have the Best Deal on your Phone!

Last, but not least, if you are going to use these methods to make money, make sure you get a good phone deal. If you pay a fortune for your data, it is not making good money from your phone.

Adding A Little Glam To Our Home

I don’t know about anyone else but I seem to spend a lot of my time at home. Lately I seem to either be at home, work or travelling between the two. Life is hectic and stressful at times and I know that in order to function at my best for my kids I need to be relaxed. I need to be able to relax at the place I spend the most of my time; home.

I love our home when it’s somewhere I can relax. A place that calms me but also brightens my mood. I like to be surrounded by family photos, pretty things and a little bit of glam.

My lounge is quite large at 32ft long with a beautiful bay window to the front and patio doors on to the garden at the other end. This means that the room is flooded with light. It also means the room can take rich Jewel colours. Colours that bring some glam in to the decor.

The room also benefits from a 12ft chimney breast. A real feature point to the room with a marble fire place. The room needs something rich and bold to bring the wow factor to the room.

This week is National Wallpaper week and Family wallpaper company Graham and Brown kindly gifted us some wallpaper from their stunning range. I wanted a glam impact to our room and choose the Super Fresco Easy Majestic in teal.

My Dad very kindly put the wallpaper up and although he is handy at DIY wallpapering is not really his thing. However, he found it very easy to put up on his own.

This paper really has brought the wow factor to the room and I am really happy with the end result.

Question is what room do I decorate next?

Christmas Tips; Hot Water Bottle Cover

This a post about some of the handmade gifts I want to give this year to save money and the stress of shopping as I know some people who love a hand made gift. Getting someone a present you know they’ll really does reduce the stress and if you don’t have to trap se round shopped when they are packed to the brim even better!

I love to spend any free time I have crafting. I love Papercraft, especially scrapbooking and also crochet. I knit a little but tend to find it very slow going and often make mistakes meaning I have to rip out quite a few hours work. This is probably why I have been kniting a sock for the past 12 months. I get very frustrated when it’s not going right and to be honest I need somebody to show me how to knit the heel as for the life of me, I can’t work it out on my own! But I am going to keep trying as I have included knitting a pair of socks in my 50 By 50 Bucket List.

Crochet is a different thing. I’m by no means an expert but I getting there in my own sweet time. One thing I really would like to crochet is a cover for a hot water bottle. I’ve seen some lovely ones on the net and would love to have a go at making one myself. I’ve not come across s pattern but I’d lve to challenge myself and have a go and making one by designing my own pattern.

The covers I have seen and like are all quite simple in design. The ones I like consist of 6 little granny squares each side and the a plain boarder and bottle neck.

I’m now on the lookout for some budget busting quality hot water bottles and hope to get some covers made for Christmas gifts.

Do you make handmade gifts for friends and family at Christmas?

This post is brought to you as part of my #Us3Xmas series. A selection of posts to help make Christmas stress free, simple and fun.

If you are doing any crafting this year to save money or to give that individual perfect gift, please link up to my #Us3Xmas linky below along with any Christmas posts to save time and money while reducing the stress.

Old and new posts welcome.

Some Ideas On Where To Get Freestuff in the UK

In this day and age, everyone wants to find a way to save money. What better way to save money than by getting free stuff UK area? There are many places where you can get nice things without any cost to you if you know where to look. There are experts in finding free things who have written books about it. If you want some good ideas on where to get free stuff, this article can help you.

You have probably received free samples from manufacturers in the past. These are mini versions of the full-sized product. Typical samples are shampoos, skincare products, baby products, packaged food items, household items, etc. Manufacturers give away samples when they want to promote a product heavily. Perhaps a product is not getting enough public attention, or a new product has just launched and the manufacturer wants to give it a lot of exposure. There is no better way to promote it than to give away a sample. This is the only way for a consumer to determine if he really likes the product. Manufacturers report a good response rate from people who have tried samples. In turn, the consumer gets to try something new without risk.

My top 3 websites:

  1. Hot UK Deals – I love this site, completely addicted to it. I check it every day for deals and freebies.
  2. – A good free stuff site, they update every day with free samples.
  3. Offer Oasis – A great freebie site that has lots of free stuff and competitions.


You can get find out if your favorite brands are giving away free samples. Just visit their websites to see if there is a link to their promotions. You will probably need to fill out a form to request the sample, which will essentially put you on their mailing list. But you can unsubscribe from the list any time you like. If this is a brand that you like, you may want to stay on their list to get alerts on future deals.

There are also websites that list all kinds of free offers from across the web. This is your one-stop shop for some of the best free deals out there. Click on the link of the product that you want to get, and just follow the instructions. Again, you will probably get on the mailing list for these providers. So just be ready to see a lot of email ads.

You may see free trials for subscriptions or downloads. Just be very careful about these if they ask you for credit card information. It is better to avoid those because you do not want your account charged for a full subscription if you want to cancel it. Some software downloads trials are good for 30 to 60 days of usage with no credit card necessary. So that is a safer approach for free downloads. Just be sure that the provider of the digital item is reputable and that the download is virus-free.

Check your classified ads for free stuff UK area. People give away things when they move or when they just have no use for the items anymore. You can find anything from furniture, appliances, tools, garden supplies, clothes, and just about anything that you can think of. This is a way for people to extend the use of their gently used items, and it cuts down on waste.

A lot of nice free things can be found if you look in the right places. Sign up for alerts and keep your eyes open. That perfect, free item could be coming your way.

Mince Pies

I love mince pies.  To me Christmas is not Christmas without the smell of homemade mince pies baking in the oven.  My Grandmother was a fabulous sweet pastry cook and taught me from a young age to make these pies.


You will need:

225g/8oz plain flour

Pinch of salt

50g/2oz lard

50g/2oz butter

Approx 2 tablespoons of cold water

2oz caster sugar

Mix flour and salt together.  Rub in the lard and butter.

turn onto a floured surface and knead.  Roll out the party to approx 5mm thick and cut out equal numbers of mince pie tops and bottoms.  The bottoms should be larger than the tops.


Grease and flour your cake tray to avoid pies sticking and place the pie bottoms in.


Add some one good quality mincemeat and a little slug of brandy, mixing well if you like.


Using your finger put a little milk around the edge of the pastry and add the top lid, pressing down the edges.  Next brush milk over the lid and sprinkle some caster sugar over the top.


Bake in the oven at 180 until golden brown.  Leave to cool for 5 minutes before placing on a cooling rack to cool further.  If you would like them served warm let them cool for a least another 5 minutes on the cooling rack as the mincemeat is very hot and could burn your mouth.


Now sit back, relax and enjoy!


Linking up with Honest Mum for Tasty Tuesdays

Scrapbooking Our Trip To Liverpool

Can’t believe it is now 2 1/2 years since we went to Liverpool. We had such a fantastic time doing all the tourist things around a city we had never visited before.

It really was lovely to get away just the three of us.  This is something I want to do more of next year; short weekends away.  The tree of us together enjoying fun and laughter and fabulous times.

Christmas Stuffing

I love homemade stuffing with my Christmas lunch. I love it on turkey sandwiches on Christmas evening. It just tastes so much better to shop brought packet stuffing that you add water to rehydrate.

For my stuffing I use:

2 packets of sausage meat
Pack of pre cooked and peeled chestnuts
Dried cranberries
Fresh breadcrumbs
2 onions
Streaky bacon

Finely chop the onions and cook with a little butter
Place the sausage eat in a large bowl
Chop the nuts and add to he sausage meat along with cranberries and bread crumbs


Mix well. Best way to do this is with your hands.
Added the cooked onions and mix.


Season well.
Great a baking tin and line with streaky bacon leaving some overlapping the sides.

IMG_8558.JPGPour the meat mixture in to the tin and press down well.


Bring the bacon over the top and cover entirely.

IMG_8560-0.JPGCook in the oven until bacon is golden.


I always make this in advance and freeze. Remove from freezer late Christmas Eve and warm through just before Christmas Lunch is served.