Calling all parents of teenagers  A few years back a new scheme to help teenagers to be better citizens and also gain some valuable life skills was set up in the UK.  The National Citizen Service (NCS) is a government backed scheme set up to assit the teenagers of today with a set of transferable life skills to enable them to build a more cohesive, mobile and engaged society.   The NCS hopes to develop these skills with Year 11 students in England and Northern Ireland once they have completed their GCSEs.  The scheme is all about having fun, making friends and… View Post

Human beings are blessed with five senses — sight (vision), hearing (audition), smell (olfaction), taste (gustation) and touch (somatosensation) — which inform our idea of perception and feeling.  A more intricate definition of visual perception is the capacity to translate the environment using light in the visibility spectrum reflected by objects. Man is prone to weakness and his five senses are no different. Deafness and blindness are issues that affect a large number of people worldwide. Blindness in Australia According to the Australian Network on Disability, 4 million inhabitants suffer from a disability. More specifically, research conducted by Vision Australia… View Post

Source Property prices are on their way up in the UK, and according to some experts, the average price for a first-time buyer went up by 5% in 2017, to around £190,000. This means that you’re taking on a huge loan if you want the comfort of having your very own house.  The good news for those nervous about stepping onto the property ladder for the first time is that there are some ways that you can improve your chances of success. The following tips will not only help to improve your chances of approval with your mortgage application but also… View Post

Dreams, we all have them.  For us, life has turned upside down this year.  I had no idea that this year would be a year of big changes. I was thrown in to these changes right in the deep end.  Although this past year has been hard and it has meant that I haven’t posted on this blog for way too long I am so grateful that we have embarked upon this journey.  I really am hoping that I am coming out the other end and to be honest some changes were needed. I have got a firm plan in… View Post

There was a time when I would do some form of crafting every day. My go to crafts used to be crochet or scrapbooking. The past 18 months/2 years these has all changed. Life just got hectic and my health deteriorated.  By the time I got home from work and did all the little jobs that needed doing I was just too physically and mentally worn out to do anything but go to bed.  Having chronic pain from fibromyalgia had a huge impact on my life. I needed to rest and physically prepare my body for the next day. The… View Post