There was a time when I would do some form of crafting every day. My go to crafts used to be crochet or scrapbooking. The past 18 months/2 years these has all changed. Life just got hectic and my health deteriorated.  By the time I got home from work and did all the little jobs that needed doing I was just too physically and mentally worn out to do anything but go to bed.  Having chronic pain from fibromyalgia had a huge impact on my life. I needed to rest and physically prepare my body for the next day. The… View Post

Lazy afternoons. Sometimes it’s just what you need. I’ll be honest the last few days I’ve not been feeling too good but that’s the joys of having a couple of chronic illnesses. You can look and feel fine one day and wake up the next day feeling quite ill. Sadly with hidden illnesses which I have, you can look quite well. Over the past few weeks I have had a couple of days when I’ve not looked too good. Trust friends to remind you of how I’ll you look! Yesterday, I felt rubbish but I needed some fresh air. I… View Post

This is my little girl. 12 years old now but still my little girl. My purpose in life is to nurture and protect her. I don’t think I’m doing either partially well right now. Ask certain people and they’ll tell I’m doing nothing right. It’s like a constant battle. A battle I will never win because nothing I can do will change things. But I’m trying to change things and for this I am being criticised. Since when is it wrong to want your child to be happy and health?  What give somebody the right to criticise a mother for… View Post

This year has not been too good for us as a family. There have been many stresses and an absolute lack of routine and balance. After 8 months of this it is safe to say I’m nearing the end of my tether. It’s been no fun having illness after illness, dealing with the aftermath of a bully and trying to get what my children deserve. There have just been barriers everywhere we have been. Places were there should not be barriers. People failing us when they should be protecting us. It’s going to be a long hard battle that I… View Post

Holidays….. Holidays are nice. Holidays are fun. Holidays are exciting. Holidays are relaxing. On holiday you get the opportunity to do things you don’t normally do. To do things as a family. But holidays can also be stressful. I for one, tend to run around like a raving loony trying to get EVERY LITTLE THING DONE that I NEED to do before we go away. Then I fall in to a big heap exhausted. Do I give in to this exhaustion?  Hell no! Holidays are for doing things. Holidays are for fun. Holidays are for adventure. Holidays are exhausting because… View Post