Growing up is hard.  One day you are a child then suddenly you wake up and your body is changing.  These changes can be hard for a young one to get there head around.  I feel that 30 years on from when I went through this The Girl will be far more prepared then I was. My Experience My Mother was never one to discuss things like puberty with me.  To be honest by the time we got to the talk at school it was too late for me.  I think I was the first in my school year to… View Post

This is my little girl. 12 years old now but still my little girl. My purpose in life is to nurture and protect her. I don’t think I’m doing either partially well right now. Ask certain people and they’ll tell I’m doing nothing right. It’s like a constant battle. A battle I will never win because nothing I can do will change things. But I’m trying to change things and for this I am being criticised. Since when is it wrong to want your child to be happy and health?  What give somebody the right to criticise a mother for… View Post

 That smile. It’s a typical tween smile. Behind that smile…. is a girl who turned 12 this week. Behind that smile is my girl. A bright and happy girl that takes most things in her stride. Behind that smile is a funny helpful caring girl. Behind that smile is a girl with guts and determination. Behind that smile is a brave and humble girl. Behind that smile is a cheeky little madam who constantly likes to push her luck. Behind that smile is a girl who is growing up too fast. Behind that smile is a girl who loves clothes and… View Post

This half term we went on a day trip along the Cambrian coast to the seaside town of Cricceith.  Cricceith is a beautiful seaside town with 2 lovely beaches which are separated by 13th Century Castle perched high on a rocky peninsula overlooking Tremadog Bay in North Wales.  This visit gave us the opportunity to tick 2 items off our Welsh Bucket List. We walked from the train station down to the south beach, a walk of around 10 minutes via Cadwaladers Ice Cream Parlour.  The Girl was in her element!  Tubs and tubs of yummy ice cream and sorbets.… View Post