African Flower Blanket (Colour Choice)

Way back in February I went in to Rackhams in Birmingham to look at some yarn. I very rarely start of project without actually seeing and squigging the yarn in person. I knew what colours I wanted for my lounge; a splash of bright pink, turquoise and a lime green with cream acting as a base colour to help the bright to pop.  The middle row is more navy than turquoise. I went with the left row,  


This is what I narrowed by choices down to. From the right I think the green is not the right shade.   Went with the left row which is Rowan soft knit cotton.

Tea Rose 576

Marina 580

Lime 579

Cream 570

I had decided to try an African Flower.





 I’ve been working on these hexagon these past few weeks and have a nice number already made.  I have also been making a start on writing a pattern to put on my blog for this African Flower pattern.  There are already a number of patterns online.  This is just my version which I find the easiest to make.

Hope you are all having a great time with your crafting right now and nothing is getting in the way of what you would like to achieve.  Unlike me where something is always popping up and hindering my crafting time.


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