Crafty Kids (April 2015)

Welcome back to my Crafty Kids Linky and thank you to the lovely little crafters who shared their projects with us last month.This month we have been busy crocheting.  I love to crochet and find it quite relaxing and a few years ago I taught The Girl to crochet.  Over the past couple of years I have tried my hardest to teach the boy but we have both struggled as he is left handed and for some reason I cannot get my brain around crocheting mirror fashion.  We try quite regularly but both of us just end up frustrated.


The Girl has been working on a square crocheted blanket using a pattern known as a Granny Square.  I love Granny Squares, its an easy pattern for a beginner to pick up but I detest sewing all the squares together.  The Girl hasn’t mastered sewing squares together therefore to make things easy for both of us (in reality me!) she is making on large square.


Link up your child’s crafty projects with our monthly craft linky.  As many different crafts you like and all ages and abilities welcome.

Now over to all you little crafters!


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