Scrapbooking Mojo

The week before last, right before I got lost in chocolate week, I talked about our trip to Wenlock Priory back in July 2012 and also shared one of my scrapbook LO’s.  Whilst looking through photos to include I also came across some other scrapbook pages that I had made with photos from that day and it made me think how my desire to scrapbook has diminished since then.

Lately I seem to have lost my scrapbooking mojo.  I have completed up to May on my Project Life 2013 album and have yet to start my 2014 album.  Truth be told I still have a few weeks of Project Life 2012 to finish.  Shocking I know.  In addition I only created a handful of 12 x 12 pages. This year has not been any better either.  This lack of mojo is really not helping with one of my  50 x 50 crafty goals; complete 10 Project Life albums.  Over the next couple of months I really want to sit down on a child free day and complete my 2012 album.  The photos are printed and placed in the album.  All I need to do is actually scrap them but I just seem to have lost my love for scrapbooking and Project Life.

Up until when we moved to Wales in February last year it was very rare for me to actually not scrap each day.  I may have only completed a couple of cards for Project Life or shuffled papers around for a 12 x 12 LO but I achieved something every day.  I just seem to have been too busy with ‘life’ that I haven’t had the time to scrap and the longer I have gone without scrapping the more my mojo has disappeared.  Putting pressure on myself to create has also not helped.  I have said so many times now on my blog that I will complete the 2012 album that my declaration to complete it is looking rather comical.

Maybe, this hobby that I used to love has become a chore.  Another thing that I must fit in along with the cooking, the cleaning and work.  Looking back through my completed LO’s has made me remember how much I enjoyed this hobby and hopefully I can buckle down and document some of our more recent memories without feeling the pressure.

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