What Have I Got In Common With Hugh Hefner?

Yes, you did read that right.

I have something in common with Hugh Hefner.

Yes, that Hugh.

The Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame.

I’ll let you ponder that thought for a while….

No, you didn’t read that wrong.

It may be hard to believe but I do.


Let me explain….

I’m quite sure that when you think of Hugh Hefner you don’t think of me.

Well I hope you don’t.

I mean I really hope you don’t!

Bunny ears and fluffy tails I am not.

And as for Playboy?  Yeah right, as if!

But what I am is a scrapbooker and so is Hugh.

You see Hugh even outshines most scrapbookers that you can think of when it comes to scrapbooking.

Apparently for 22 years Hugh has employed someone full time to take care of his scrapbooks which document nearly every day of his life.  They stretch to 2,600 books.

2,600 books????

What on earth do you do in life to fill that many scrapbooks?

Thinking about it, do I really want to know?

How much of your life do you document in your scrapbooks?  As much as you imagine Hugh does?

Do you have anywhere near as many scrapbooks as Hugh?

Do you have anything surprisingly in common with a famous person?

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