What’s Stopping you?

Dreams, we all have them.  For us, life has turned upside down this year.  I had no idea that this year would be a year of big changes. I was thrown in to these changes right in the deep end.  Although this past year has been hard and it has meant that I haven’t posted on this blog for way too long I am so grateful that we have embarked upon this journey.  I really am hoping that I am coming out the other end and to be honest some changes were needed. I have got a firm plan in mind both in my personal and professional life and I working hard on tweaking things to bring about much needed changes but I confident the basics are complete. 

I have been concentrating mainly on my lifestyle blog these past months and I can honestly say I am happy with the direction that bog is taking.  But there are things that I used to blog about here that aren’t a natural fit to that blog and I still want to keep blogging about those aspects.  In the New Year I have huge plans for this blog and also my foodie blog, Candace’s kitchen, which too has been very neglected. 

I also know I need to still continue to concentrate on my health, something that I know will be a huge battle but with removing certain people from my life that have caused huge stress I am confident I can take tiny steps and feel much better than I do now.  I’m aware that I will never be ‘well’ but I am going to fight to be as well as I can be.  The journey will be long and hard but I’ve got the determination to make improvements.  

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a planner for 2018 from Leaders In Heels.  It’s a great planner where you can break down you goals for the coming year in to smaller quarterly and monthly tasks and it has the means to keep me on track.  The one problem I am finding is it only allows three big goals.  I’ve spent quite sometime thinking about the three big goals I’d like to achieve this year.  I’m making notes, pages and pages of notes and ideas, dreams and wishes.  Some complete pie in the sky dreams but you never know what will happen.  this year has taught me that.  I started the year with a man saying he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and my health, although causing issues did’t have a huge impact of things I wanted to do.  I knew my limitations and lived within them and I was happy.  But 12 months on, it’s all changed, changed so very much; I would never use the word happy at this point in my life.  I feel betrayed, hated and guilty that things all fell apart because I wouldn’t accept somebody’s unacceptable behaviour.  I know I need to let go of this guilt but I’m struggling, struggling so hard.

So this year armed with my new planner I am off to find my happy ever afterlife.  I don’t know how long it will take and what hurdles I will have to across during my journey but I have the determination and dreams to get there and at the end of the day is all that’s needed.

What is stopping you finding your happy ever after?  What steps are you taking to be kind to yourself?

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