12 On The 12th (January 2015)

At the beginning of the year I had the best intentions of starting a new series of posts on the blog and setting up a monthly linky. However, I didn’t intend on having a sick child who has been ill for nearly 4 weeks now with pneumonia.

The idea was to take 12 photographs of your life on the 12th of each month and writes blog post. If people had time some explanations of the photos could be given but wouldn’t be necessary. I was hoping to blog my photos on the 13th and open the linky up until the 12th of the next month. As you can see this didn’t happen as my time was taken up with looking after a poorly child.

I did however, take my 12 photos and here they are:

A little background – The 12th was a Monday and both The Boy & Girl had s hospital appointment in Aberaron. We went and had a look at the harbour which as you can see the waves were s little rough. They both fell asleep on the way back and in Aberystwyth we called at the supermarket. When home a poorly girl went for a little rest.

Next month, on the 12th I will be taking another 12 photos and intend to get the linky up next month. Would love if you could join me on the monthly photo project.

These are my 12 photos:


Hope you can join me next month.

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