Birthday Lego Building

Last Month the boy turned 12 and he asked for his favorite thing at the moment Lego and PS3 games.  Being the lovely Mother that I am he has 4 boxes of Lego, a Lego pS3 game and Spiderman PS3 game.  For some reason the Spiderman box never made it on to the picture.

20140603-214511-78311627.jpgThe first thing he did when he came home was start building some of the lego.  Boxes and plastic bags were thrown everywhere and where they landed they stayed.  In a short time he had to of his Lego Chima characters built.




The other 2 boxes stayed put for the next 3 days until I dragged him off the playstation.

20140603-214515-78315367.jpgOnce made, all 4 characters were ready for their next adventure.



A little adventure he is working on and I will be sharing here when finished.  In the meantime, image adventures inside the mind of a 12 year old Lego addict.  If you can let your imagination run away you won’t be disappointed.

Just need some sunny weather to make this dream a reality for The Boy.  As I have told him, I am good but there are just some things out of my control and the UK weather is one of those.


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