BritMums Live 2014 Day 1

I know I know I’m terribly late to the party etc etc but after I got home life just got a little hectic and blogging had to take a back sit.  BritMumsLive 2014….Well what can I say but amazing! I can honestly say the weekend was filled with plenty of highs; great memorable moments that I will hold dear for quite some time. Being a single parent who doesn’t really have a back up in life it’s difficult getting out without the children in tow and having quality time spent in the company of adults is hard.


My time away started Thursday with my journey from sunny Wales all the way down to London. I arrived just after 3.30 and began the hellish journey across London to my hotel. Whatever possessed me to use the underground I just cannot explain. No matter how hard I try I just can’t explain my actions. By the time I reached my hotel room I collapsed on the bed. Mobility issues aren’t great fun coupled with a suitcase and plenty of stairs. Luckily I was helped on the last 2 flights of stairs with my case thanks to some very kind (possibly done down to pity) gentlemen!


After a rest I was back out to visit the London store of my BritMums Live sponsor Yours Clothing. I will be doing a separate post on my visit later in the week. Once back at my hotel I quickly changed a met a very long standing supportive amazing friend. I have known P since we were both in secondary school and he has lived in London for 20 years now. Although we don’t see each other as much as we would like we speak most days via text/phone calls. Some days it may just be a simple hello, have a nice day and other times it’s a good old natter lasting hours. Either way we never struggle with what to say and he always knows the right thing to say to me at any given time. He also is spot on by not saying what others would and gives me just the right amount of support and space when I need to think things through on my own. He truly knows me like a book and his 30 years of friendship has been a true gift.

I do digress but being able to spend time with him face to face was a huge highlight of my time away. I was stunned by his generosity of a visit to the theatre followed by a fabulous meal. He then so kindly saw me back to my hotel which I really appreciated especially as he was going on holiday the following day with his equally amazing, kind and fabulous partner rather early the next day.

Friday morning saw me walking down to the road to a Witherspoons where I had breakfast before heading down the West End for some retail therapy. Now, it is quite simply impossible to go to a city that has a Cath Kidston store without paying a visit. When you do enter a CK store there is no way on earth you can leave without making a little purchase or two.  Or maybe three, four or possibly quite a few more; a new purse, some mugs, a spatula and a couple of gifts for The Girl’s birthday next month and a late Easter gift.

At this point the old knees were giving up on me and I hailed a cab after I had taken a tea break in Fortnum & Mason a few doors away. Such a fabulous cup of tea and I really am kicking myself for not picking up some of the lovely tea leaves to take home with me.


Once back at the hotel (I’ll do a write about this budget hotel in next few weeks as it really surprised me) I had a quick lunch of fruit and Pringles, got changed and headed off to the Brewery for BritMums Live.


I’m In my 40’s and I stood there all nervous and excited at the same time. Not knowing what to expect. Professionally I’ve attended conferences before, walked in to a room of strangers and held my head high. But something was making me nervous and even now I just can’t explain why I felt the way I did.  Sitting back now and reflecting I just don’t know why I had nerves. I know I was not the only one who felt that way but for me it was very out of character. I just felt out of my depth. I sometimes wonder who actually reads this blog, what type of person they are?  Do people come to read particular posts or do they come to browse through all of my posts, the crafty ones, the cookery posts, the ones where I open my heart.

Emma Freud opened the conference with an amazing inspirational speech. Her dedication to Comic Relief boarders on obsessional and it was amazing to hear her passion and what lengths she will go to in order to reach her goal which is quite simply to raise as much money as she can and by whatever means.  I will admit to feeling a little uncomfortable with her saying numerous times that she had slept her way to the top job at Comic Relief as  in this day and age should women have to make jokes about how they achieved their success or infact even justify how they got their in any way other than hard work and determination?  Overall, a fabulous speaker to open the event and I came away with determination to succeed in certain aspects of my life too; well done BritMums on your brilliant choice.  Her tiara wearing was a sure hit with the BritMums audience.



 There were a couple of sessions in the afternoon then a quick change.


Then it was time for the Bibs hosted by Katy Hill who only went and won an award too.


Photo credit – Katy Hills Blog (My camera had lost all charge at this point!)

A fabulous meal with Kate, Jo, Judith & Dragonsflypoppy.  I jumped in a taxi and my head hit the pillow just before Midnight.  A long but fun filled exciting day.


  1. 2nd July 2014 / 4:54 pm

    Was great to meet you at last and to hear more about you and your life. P sounds like someone I need to know too.

  2. 7th July 2014 / 6:32 am

    So glad you came and hope to see you next year. X

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