Christmas Tips; Hot Water Bottle Cover

This a post about some of the handmade gifts I want to give this year to save money and the stress of shopping as I know some people who love a hand made gift. Getting someone a present you know they’ll really does reduce the stress and if you don’t have to trap se round shopped when they are packed to the brim even better!

I love to spend any free time I have crafting. I love Papercraft, especially scrapbooking and also crochet. I knit a little but tend to find it very slow going and often make mistakes meaning I have to rip out quite a few hours work. This is probably why I have been kniting a sock for the past 12 months. I get very frustrated when it’s not going right and to be honest I need somebody to show me how to knit the heel as for the life of me, I can’t work it out on my own! But I am going to keep trying as I have included knitting a pair of socks in my 50 By 50 Bucket List.

Crochet is a different thing. I’m by no means an expert but I getting there in my own sweet time. One thing I really would like to crochet is a cover for a hot water bottle. I’ve seen some lovely ones on the net and would love to have a go at making one myself. I’ve not come across s pattern but I’d lve to challenge myself and have a go and making one by designing my own pattern.

The covers I have seen and like are all quite simple in design. The ones I like consist of 6 little granny squares each side and the a plain boarder and bottle neck.

IMG_5481 Crochet and photo by the Patchworkk Heart – true inspiration.

I’ve been on the time zapper that is Pinterest looking for some ideas on colour combination and have narrowed it down to these:


Please see my Crochet Colour Pinterest board for photo credits.

I’m now on the lookout for some budget busting quality hot water bottles and hope to get some covers made for Christmas gifts.

Do you make handmade gifts for friends and family at Christmas?

This post is brought to you as part of my #Us3Xmas series. A selection of posts to help make Christmas stress free, simple and fun.

If you are doing any crafting this year to save money or to give that individual perfect gift, please link up to my #Us3Xmas linky below along with any Christmas posts to save time and money while reducing the stress.

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