Meal Planning Monday (10 August 2015)

Life has been hectic these past few weeks. Just plain hectic. So hectic that I have not berm able to meal plan. I like to meal plan. It brings a little structure to our lives, a little bit of organisation. We need organisation, structure and balance right now. Right now I just don’t know if I’m coming or going let alone have time to meal plan. To be honest there has been a lot of snacking. Snacking should be happening, especially unsuitable snacking. I’ve sort of been meal planning but not to the extent that I like to and we’ve had quite a bit of food waste as a result. Something I don’t like doing; it wastes money and resources.

The Girl was in hospital the week before last and for the next 6 to 8 weeks will be on a liquid only diet. I’m conscious that she is not going to want to see us eat but we need to.  Meal planning around this has been quite difficult but I’m even more determined to keep meal planning over the next few weeks as I can see our meal times turning in to utter chaos if I don’t.

This is our meal plan for the 2 of us for the next week. It’s hard meal planning and cooking for 2 especially portion size. I can see quite a few portions being frozen for future meals.

Monday – Pizza

Tuesday – Chicken & Rice

Chicken & Rice - Meal Planning Monday

Wednesday – Spag Bol

Thursday – Burgers & Salad

Friday – Takeaway

Saturday – Jacket Potatoes

Sunday – Roast

I wish summer would arrive as I’d love to see a meal plan that just says BBQ But it looks like we have had summer.

Really not sure how we will get on with Thr Girl and her liquid only diet but it will certainly be an adventure as we aren’t allowed to eat in front if her. Somehow I don’t think that can be done gof 2 months.

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