River Cottage Adventure

Last month I lived one of my dreams. I’ve wanted to attend a cookery course for so long. Along with a group of lovely foodies I spent the day in Devon at River Cottage. It really was one of the most fantastic days I have experienced in a long time. I love food, I love cooking and baking and most of all I love eating.

River Cottage HQ

I love trying new recipes, recipes that result is tasty food. Food that mixes fresh local ingredients, creating food that shows the seasons produce at its best. River Cottage is my dream come true.

River Cottage HQ

Foodies100 in collaboration with River Cottage HQ brought together everything I dreamt the day would be.

River Cottage HQ

River Cottage farm is situation in a beautiful valley which you reach by tractor down a dirt track. The scenery is stuffing and we were lucky to be there when the autumn sun truly shone down.

River Cottage

We were take in to a cosy yet with wood burner then served tea/coffee and yummy pastries and spicy omelette bites before being split into 3 groups.

River Cottage HQ

First up for the group I was in was a wonderful photography class with the lovely Lucy from Capture By Lucy.

River Cottage HQ

Lucy is so lovely, enthusiastic and willing to share all her fabulous knowledge. I learnt so much about styling and have had a couple of afternoons since hunting for photo props that I can’t wait to use.

River Cottage HQ

Next came the farm tour.  The farm is stunning, nestled in a valley consisting of 90,000 acres of organic land and home to chickens, pigs, sheep and cows.

River Cottage HQ

A walk through the famous walled veg garden.

Organic vegetable garden

Next up on our River Cottage adventure was lunch.

River Cottage HQ




the food!

it was heaven!

Slow cooked beef ravioli  Honey Glazed Corn On The Cob

Homemade BreadDamsons with fennel ice cream, coffee meringue and salted caramel brittleNaturally when you get a group of foodie bloggers together you get this:

River Cottage HQ

After lunch came then cookery class; homemade bread and butter.  We went outside to pick blackberries from the hedgerows for the fruit and cheese bread and from the veg garden we picked herbs and edible flowers for the butter.

Cookery Class

Recipe and more photos are on my family cooking blog.  At the end of the day we all went back in to the barn and sat and talked about our fantastic day.  It was lovely to taken to nloggeI knew but also lovely to appeal to some bloggers I’d never met before. It really was so relaxed and we lucky to be served some lovely nibbles with our tea or coffee.

Homemade apple, blackberry and cheese soda bread

The only thing left to do before we left was treat myself to a couple of Hugh Fearnley-Wittingshall’s cookery books.

Old Tractor

I feel so lucky to have been given the opportunity to realize one of my dreams courtesy of Foodies100 and River Cottage HQ.

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  1. 18th October 2015 / 7:39 am

    It was a wonderful day! I really want to go back now.

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