Snowdon Mountain Railway

We love where we live in Wales.  There is so much fun and adventures to be had right on our door step.  In the summer of 2012 we had a day trip from Tywyn to Snowdon.  At this point we were still living in the Midlands but spend the entire summer holidays here.  The weather was fantastic and I thought, finally I will get to be at the top of Snowdon without a cloud and be able to see across the Snowdonian National Park.  Let’s face it I’d been to the top 12 times before, surely no. 13 would be the lucky one!.


Well it wasn’t to be this time.  Five minutes from the top the clouds came down heavily and suddenly it turned very cold.




We jumped back on the tram and made our way back down.


A fun family day out and one that needs warm clothes no matter how warm and sunny it is in Llanberis.

Just to prove I do craft, here is a scrapbook LO about are trip to Snowdon.  The pictures used on this LO is actually a postcard that I have cut up and done in a photo strip style.

I think it was because of this summer I decided to make the move.  Wales was so much more relaxed and although I am not on the door step of huge shopping centres and all that goes with that, we don’t want for anything.  Internet shopping has put paid to that.  Even a food company has began delivering to our town this year.

Yes, we are loving Wales.

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