A Bright And Airy Cooking Space

I love cooking and baking.  There is something so relaxing about it.  I enjoy cooking meals for my family. Ensuring they have few additives and their food is made with fresh ingredients.

Home made apple pies
I loved my kitchen in my old house and it was so large with a lovely window over looking the garden. Although the window was large I found that due to trees in our neighbours garden we really didn’t have much light streaming in.  Many a summers day I would switch on the lights to enable me to see what I was doing.

Over time I began to get annoyed with the lack of light and  although I could keep putting the lights on what I actually wanted was natural light not artificial light.  The only thing to do was to have more windows.  We couldn’t fit another window in the walls and the window we already had couldn’t be made larger.  It’s just wouldn’t look right.

I would have loved a pair of French doors opening on to the patio but there wasn’t space without a complete kitchen refit. Part of our kitchen had a flat roof above it and the felt was due to be replaced.  I’d never been a fan of flat roofs and the fact they needed to be replaced every 10 years or so.  I contacted an aricitect and asked him to draw up plans for a slopping roof with VELUX windows to bring in the natural light I was craving.
VELUX windowsNow to choose the type of VELUX windows I wanted. There were many to choose from; opening or non opening, what type of frame.  I decided to go with VELUX windows that had a frame that matched the frame of our main kitchen window and also go from tube lighting to modern spot lights.

We contacted a family friend who was a builder and before I could blink I had a lovely new slopping roof over my kitchen and 3 lovely new windows in my roof.  Now it was time to find some blinds for my new windows. I can honestly say it was one of the best investments I have made and I just loved cooking in my new bright kitchen. It really made such a difference.

When we asked some estate agents around to value the house they all said the natural light made the room so fresh and bright. The VELUX Windows as well as giving me my dream kitchen had increased the value of our home.

Now to find a house here in Wales which is as bright and airy. If not, I’ll certainly be considering some VELUX windows.

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