Blogging can be whatever you want it to be. To be honest I am little over all the blog posts that tell me I have to do this I have to do that. I even saw one recently that said to be successful on Instagram you only follow 1/4 of the number of followers you have. Ie you have 400 followers you should never follow more than 100. If we all took that approach nobody would have any followers. My Instagram followers are half the number I follow yet I have 5 times the number of followers this person had.… View Post

I love scrapbooking.  I love this hobby that allows me to keep a record of our family memories.  It’s something that I find so relaxing. A hobby that I can do at home but also I hobby I can partake with friends. Scrapbooking has brought a lovely bunch of people in to my life. I like to record my family memories as soon as possible. I just don’t like sitting around waiting for my photos to be printed then sent to me. I like to have my pictures when I want them. I like the flexibility of printing photos at… View Post

Lazy afternoons. Sometimes it’s just what you need. I’ll be honest the last few days I’ve not been feeling too good but that’s the joys of having a couple of chronic illnesses. You can look and feel fine one day and wake up the next day feeling quite ill. Sadly with hidden illnesses which I have, you can look quite well. Over the past few weeks I have had a couple of days when I’ve not looked too good. Trust friends to remind you of how I’ll you look! Yesterday, I felt rubbish but I needed some fresh air. I… View Post

If you’re a driver, you’ll no doubt be aware of how important it is to have car insurance. In order for you to drive a vehicle on public roads, this type of cover is mandatory, so it’s crucial you have a suitable policy in place.  Although it’s required by law, you don’t necessarily have to fork out a fortune for your car insurance. To secure yourself a great deal, you could use a comparison site or direct to insurance companies.  While you may be pleased that you’ve managed to bag yourself a bargain, it’s also important that you understand the… View Post

Summer can be a great time to enjoy some family fun, but it can also present a challenge. Keeping your brood busy during the extended school holidays isn’t always easy and if you’re not careful, you could be facing tears and tantrums when the warmer sets in. For inspiration to help you occupy your youngsters, here are three fun and educational kids’ activities to try this sunny season. 1)Test your model building skills Most kids love getting stuck into some model building, and there’s no shortage of these toys out there for you to choose from. To encourage your little… View Post