I’m pretty laid back until I’m really pushed. I usually just take things in my stride or may have a little under the breath rant but normally move on unless it’s something I’m passionate about. These are ten things I really struggle to turn away from: 1. Lies I hate people who tell lies. There are no need. Lies hurt people and in the end benefit nobody. They also wreak lives and often mean the trust in you had in someone can never be regained. It’s sad, when people have to resort to lies. 2. Spitting It’s a very filthy… View Post

The thing about the holidays is that when you’re not going to work or the kids aren’t at school, you suddenly find yourself spending even more time in your home, which can really highlight any areas you’re not happy with. Add to this our seemingly innate desire to make changes at the start of the New Year and what you have on your hands is a burning desire to get stuck into some kind of home décor project. If your teen has been begging you to update their room for sometime and now that it’s covered in the spoils of… View Post

We are nearly at that one day each year when you children are supposed to treat you like a queen; Mother’s Day.  I consider myself blessed as I have 2 amazing kids who not only treat me like a queen on Mothers Day support me so much every day of the year.  They really do so much for me, often with out asking.  I know I am blessed to have them in my life. When it comes to mother’s day I really don’t expect them to treat me, they honestly do enough every other day but having said that a… View Post

Wow, another year is over. I really don’t know where this year has gone. It’s flown by. There have been times this year when I just wanted to give up. Times when life hit rock bottom. Sadly, it was a small group of people who brought life down for us this year.  I hope we can keep those people out of our lives next year but I think there will sadly be some overlap in to the New Year. Life should be all about joy, happiness, love and laughter. I think it is such an awful thing to not have… View Post

I wrote last week about how I had purchased a new winter coat as I had lost some weight a my old coat was a couple of sized to big. I like to have a smart and casual winter coat so that I can dress for the right occasion in the cold weather. I usually go for a black or dark colour as my smart winter coat and then perhaps something a little brighter for my casual coat. This year I browsed online for a coat and came across this one in Next that I liked: This was exactly what I… View Post