Wow, another year is over. I really don’t know where this year has gone. It’s flown by. There have been times this year when I just wanted to give up. Times when life hit rock bottom. Sadly, it was a small group of people who brought life down for us this year.  I hope we can keep those people out of our lives next year but I think there will sadly be some overlap in to the New Year. Life should be all about joy, happiness, love and laughter. I think it is such an awful thing to not have… View Post

I wrote last week about how I had purchased a new winter coat as I had lost some weight a my old coat was a couple of sized to big. I like to have a smart and casual winter coat so that I can dress for the right occasion in the cold weather. I usually go for a black or dark colour as my smart winter coat and then perhaps something a little brighter for my casual coat. This year I browsed online for a coat and came across this one in Next that I liked: This was exactly what I… View Post

About 10 years ago Christmas jumpers were the sort of thing your Granny gave you and with much embarrassment you were forced to wear in to eat your Chrustmas lunch in front of all of your family.  But the  last few years they have all become the rage and we even have a Christmas Jumper day!  This year it’s Friday 18 December. Chrustmas jumpers are worn to help raise money as part of the charity Event Text Santa.  Looking round the shops there are Christmas jumpers everywhere. Here are a few that have caught my eye:                … View Post

This a post about some of the handmade gifts I want to give this year to save money and the stress of shopping as I know some people who love a hand made gift. Getting someone a present you know they’ll really does reduce the stress and if you don’t have to trap se round shopped when they are packed to the brim even better! I love to spend any free time I have crafting. I love Papercraft, especially scrapbooking and also crochet. I knit a little but tend to find it very slow going and often make mistakes meaning… View Post