Last year was the first time I completed Project Life and I have nearly finished last years album.  Just 6 weeks to complete now.   The photos are printed, I just need to find the time to finish the pages.  That’s the hard part, finding the time to document the lives we are living.  But you have to live life to document it so there is no worry about not being up to date.  Last year I completed the project by trying to make a small dent in my every growing stash and I fully intended to do the same… View Post

  Since moving and going from employed to self employed with no steady wage we have needed to keep a close eye on our spending.  One thing that I find I waste a lot of money on is food.  When we lived in the Midlands my Father lived with us and he well quite frankly ate like a horse.  Now there is just the three of us and I have really struggled with quantities of food.  Its taking a while to judge amounts to buy and cook for just the three of us.  Just like before we moved I find at the end of… View Post

This is the view where I live today.  A little grey but at least its not raining.     Tywyn, Wales     Pop on over to the Sky Watch blog to take a look at other views from around the world.  

This is the question I have been asking myself for the last 12 months as 3 weeks ago I turned 40.     The big 4 0…   Middle aged…   When I think back to when I was a small child, 40 seemed old.     Really old…     Middle aged old…     But now I’m here I don’t feel old. I just feel exhausted from trying to be the person the media tells me I should be.  Trying to keep on top of the modern day rat race.  I know I’m not alone in this but I’m… View Post

After a very stressful few weeks we are now living in Wales by the sea. Its exciting, stressful, fun and nerve raking all at the same time.  It is so hard to describe how I feel at the moment.  There is a world of possibilities in front of us.  All of which can be nothing but positive. Even though I came down with shingles the wind is blowing but the sun is most certainly shining down on us.  Long may it continue. Hard to believe this photo was taken the middle of February!