Monday sees the start of the 4th Annual Knitting & Crochet Blog week over at Eskimimi Makes.  It runs from Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th April this year.  In previous years I have read and read my way around a number of blogs but have never taken part.  As, on the surface of things, I seem to have less commitments now I am am going to try and actively take part and blog some posts about my crochet.     Those of you that are new to this blog and never read my old blog need to realise that I am a self… View Post

For the past few years every time we have eaten gammon I have waited until I have had some time spare to cook this wonderful glaze.  Yes, it takes a while, not much prep or culinary skills required but you need to be around in the house for about 3 hours while it cooks and be able to spend little snippets of time paying the gammon a little attention.  It really is a simple meal to make with a few simple ingredients.        First you have to boil the gammon for about 1 1/2 hours.  Pop it in a sauce pan and cover in… View Post

Last year was the first time I completed Project Life and I have nearly finished last years album.  Just 6 weeks to complete now.   The photos are printed, I just need to find the time to finish the pages.  That’s the hard part, finding the time to document the lives we are living.  But you have to live life to document it so there is no worry about not being up to date.  Last year I completed the project by trying to make a small dent in my every growing stash and I fully intended to do the same… View Post

  Since moving and going from employed to self employed with no steady wage we have needed to keep a close eye on our spending.  One thing that I find I waste a lot of money on is food.  When we lived in the Midlands my Father lived with us and he well quite frankly ate like a horse.  Now there is just the three of us and I have really struggled with quantities of food.  Its taking a while to judge amounts to buy and cook for just the three of us.  Just like before we moved I find at the end of… View Post

This is the view where I live today.  A little grey but at least its not raining.     Tywyn, Wales     Pop on over to the Sky Watch blog to take a look at other views from around the world.