Ten days and counting.  Yes, just 10 days now and we make our move to the seaside.  A move of over 100 miles to a place where to be honest we don’t know anyone but a place we know well and love so much.  Two weeks ago I finished work and have been trying to keep myself busy and not think about not having a job.  My final day was hell but words can’t describe how I felt facing the future with no job and 2 children to care for.  Its scary, very scary. Relocating miles away with no job,… View Post

I am Mom By The Sea and this year I turn 40. Yep, that big 4 0. It seemed so far away yet has just crept up so quickly. This year I am also losing my job. It is happening in the next few weeks and with my redundancy money I am making some life changing decisions. Due to health issues I know I am going to struggle to get another job, everybody who loses their jobs in the current economic climate struggles but regardless of my academic qualifications, my work experience and qualifications due to being disabled I am… View Post