A Little Bit Of Respect For Cath Please

Cath? You ask?

Who is this Cath?

Well it has to be said that Cath is one of my obsessions.

Cath Kidston.

The lady of all things pretty.


I just love Cath.


All the pretties and wish I could fill my home top to bottom with very. Single. Thing.

But sadly this is not to be.  Too many pennies required.  But the small collection I have I really do adore.


Tea never tasted so good as one in a Cath Mug.  Such a wonderful size to warm and refresh you in a morning.  A great size for bedtime filled near to the brim with hot milky chocolate and then topped with swirls of cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Respect must always be given to Cath.


So imagine my horror when I found a chip in my precious Cath bowl.

Clearly there is a child who needs to learn some respect right now 😉



  1. To infinity and ivf
    21st November 2014 / 5:24 am

    Oh nooo! I love the mug, we need some new ones and was thinking of getting some C Kidstone ones 🙂

  2. Kate on thin ice
    25th November 2014 / 9:16 pm

    The only thing that puts me off is how many people have them. Thy are pretty though

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