Dork Diaries: TV Star by Rachel Renee Russell Book Review

Dork Diaries TV Star Rachel Renee Russell

About The Book

Nikkki Maxwell,Queen of The Dorks is back in the seventh book of the blockbuster Dork Diaries Series.

Nikki and her friends are about to have their 5 minutes of fame! A reality TV crew  is going to follow them for the whole month as they record their hit song together.  But will the excitement also cause unexpected problems now that cameras are everywhere Nikki and her friends go?  Is life in the spotlight really gong to be all they think it is or will it be a Dork disaster?

Full of Nikki’s doodles, diary entries and dorkish disasters, get ready to embrace your inner dork with this brand new novel from the hit series. Perfect for fans of Diary of A Wimpy Kid, Tom Gates and Jacqueline Wilson.

Rachel Renee Russell has said that the Dork Diaries series was inspired by her own middle school experiences, as well as those of her two daughters, Erin and Nikki.  Her older daughter, Erin, helps with writing the Dork Diaries series and her younger daughter, Nikki, helps with illustrations.

The Girl’s Review

Dork Diaries TV Star, Rachel Renee Russell Book Review

Before reading Dork Diaries TV Star I have read other books in the series which I enjoyed.

Dork diaries is a good and exciting book.  It is about a girl called Nikki who wins Prom Queen at the Valentine Ball.  The next day she gets a phone call to have her own TV show but there is one down side; he worst enemy is on the show and trying to steal Nikki’s limelight.  When Nikki meets the TV shows producer, her arch enemy McKenzie, steals Nikki’s backstage pass and pretends to be her.

Follow Nikki on her exciting adventure as a TV star and discover how her TV adventure unfolds.  This book will not disappoint fans of the Dork Diaries series.

Out of 5 I would give this book 4 1/2 stars.

About the Author

Rachel Renee Russell is attorney who prefers writing tween books to legal briefs.  Mainly because books are a lot more fun and pajamas and bunny slippers aren’t allowed in court.

She has raised two daughters and lived to tell about it.  Her hobbies include growing purple flowers and doing totally useless crafts (like, for example, making a microwave oven out of popsicle sticks, glue and glitter).  Rachel lives in Northern Virginia with a spoiled pet yorkie who terrorises her daily by climbing on top of her computer cabinet and pelting her with stuffed animals whilst she writes. And, yes, Rachel considers herself a total dork.

 Where can you buy the book

Dork Diaries TV Star by Rachel Renee Russell can be brought on Amazon as well as other titles in the Dork Diaries series.

Dork Diaries On The Web

The Dork Diaries have a website where you an find all things Dork as well as a Facebook Page and Twitter Account..


Dork Diaries is published by Simon & Schuster who can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Product Review Us Three By The Sea

For the purpose of this review we received a copy of Dork Diaries TV Star.

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