Summer Has Gone

With a blink of an eye the Summer holidays have gone. This year there really was no fun had as a family. I had half a day off over the Summer which was spent out on a steam train.


The rest of the holidays has been spent working.

Minutes before school broke up for the holidays, Madam broke her foot. We arrived at the cottage hospital at 3.10pm and left Aberystwyth hospital in plaster just after midnight for a 50 minute drive home.


The first week I packed up our shop and ran around little miss hop along who was unable to walk on her splint and due to her JIA could use the crutches. Wheelchair time!

Then at 1pm Saturday lunch we closed the doors and began the move to a better location along the High Street.


shelves were stacked and new deliveries unpacked.


At 9.30 on the Monday we reopened in our new shop. It was a weekend of lots of work, stress, junk food and very little sleep. We were so busy for the next few days unpacking boxes, working during the day in the new shop then at night cleaning the old shop that we just ate out for nearly a week, living entirely on food that should just be a treat.


My body is still feeling the effects of bad eating five weeks later. Weight can go on so quick and easy but getting it to come off is an entirely different thing.

We continued to tweak the shop fittings and displays for a couple of weeks and stock our much larger shop.

IMG_5430My little helper was happy to take on the DIY.


The plaster was changed for a walking cast.


Then finally, fully removed.


The remaining time was spent busy at work that I’ve not managed to look after myself too well. When you have chronic illnesses this is something you shouldn’t do and with the added weight my health has suffered this last week. I know I am heading for a crash and need some tlc but still have so much I need to get on top of.

Blogging has certainly taken a back seat and will for the next few weeks. The new business premises does not even have a telephone line so it’s not even a simple thing as the phone supplier just flipping a switch so this is taking forever to get a fitting date. No phone line means no internet.

Running an internet business with no internet is not ideal. All website work needs to be done when I get home which is eating on to my family and blogging time. Something had to give and blogging was the one I let slide.

Having said that whilst I have not been blogging I’ve had tons of things I’ve wanted to blog about and have been jotting some notes down. Hopefully as soon as the internet is back on at work it will free some time up for me to get back blogging. Honestly though I think the break was much needed and I’ll be back with batteries recharged.


Have you taken a blogging break over the summer?

Was it the right thing to do for you?




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  1. 12th September 2014 / 6:55 pm

    What a time to be in plaster bless her!
    The shop looks lovely, bet your glad you’ve moved in now. Its horrible sometimes when your very busy and you have no time and end up eating rubbish. I’m terrible for it and hate the feeling a few days later.
    I did take a break from blogging over Summer. I did a couple of posts but didn’t put myself under any pressure, it was good and I was then looking forward to getting back into it.
    Well hope you enjoyed your break from blogging, with trips to hospital and a new shop, I’m sure you didn’t have time to fit it in.

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