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Last weekend I was lucky enough to be sent some shopping vouchers for Morrisons to try out their produce and new pricing system.  Morrisons have reduced a large number of products on a permanent basis under their I’m Cheaper pricing policy to help keep the price of the weekly shop down without compromising on quality.


Since moving to Wales, I have the choice of Co-op or Spar to shop at.  Living in the middle of nowhere as opposed to the Midlands I have noticed how the price of food is so much more expensive based on lack of competition and also the fact it costs more to deliver goods here.  In January Asda started to deliver to us, before this no other supermarket delivered here and I quickly swapped to Asda in order to save money on our weekly shop.

My nearest Morrisons is in Aberystwyth, over an hour away and not driving means it not really possible to do a weekly shop there so I have never been.  Before we moved my nearest supermarket was Sainsbury’s and that is where i did my usual weekly shop.  I’d never really shopped at Morrisons before and was looking forward to seeing what their products were like.

Luckily this weekend my Father was visiting and drove us for the hour’s journey to Morrisons.


The balloons were out to greet me, well more like to promote the new savings but I’m sticking with my first reason.


As with all supermarkets we were greeted by the fresh fruit and veg.  Everything looked very fresh and the prices were very good indeed.  I personally find that even though it is recommended that you eat 7 portions of fruit or veg a day the actual cost of the produce is quite expensive and I spend a large proportion of my weekly budget on fruit and veg.  I certainly saved money this week on my fruit and veg purchases, even more money saved with some on the price reductions which are all highlighted with yellow circle signs.


The fresh herbs all looked really fresh too and the asparagus was kept in water to prolong its freshness.


Next stop, the pizza counter.




Followed by the self serve salad counter.  The selection of salads were really good and it was nice to be able to have a bit of everything instead of having to buy lots of tubs of salads where I find I end up throwing part tubs away and to be honest at £2.29 for a medium tub it is far cheaper to purchase this way too.


We then made our way over to the hot chicken counter.  Again everything looked gorgous and smelt divine too:



One little tip if you are buying a cooked chicken from any supermarket, if you buy from the counter you have to pay VAT on the cost but Morrisons have the cooked chickens on a shelf behind the counter cooling.  Because these are not kept warm supermarkets don’t have to charge VAT on them.  As a warm chicken would be cold by the time I got home anyway, I chose one of the cooling ones thus saving the VAT.

Next to the hot chicken counter was the fresh fish and meat counter with trained butchers.  My Dad is an ex butcher so I left him talking to the butcher about a Sunday joint whilst I talked fish pie with the fishmonger.


imageimageimageThere was also a fantastic selection of cheeses in store.



Finally being a Bank Holiday I went on the hunt for BBQ’s.


They also had a lovely range of picnicware where I picked up some plastic tumblers and a new water bottle for The Girl (it has a bit in the middle you fill with water and freeze so is a big hit).


The store was quite busy but despite this we were surprised that all the tills appeared to be open and there were no queues at the checkout.

imageThis is more than I would normally spend on a weekly shop but I purchased enough meat/fish for over 2 weeks and I had my Dad staying with us for 5 days so I was feed an extra person and my Dad can eat!


The biggest bonus of all was a voucher for 6p a litre off fuel voucher.  This was certainly put to good use.


Being a Bank Holiday and the fact I had just purchased 2 disposable BBQ’s the weather was rubbish!  No BBQ for us (insert children with sad faces).  Indoor burgers it was then with oak smoked cheese burgers and rolls.

imageimageNext day still no sun.  Indoor hot dogs then.


Both days the hot dogs/burgers were followed by a slice of this cake:


Which can be served cold or warmed in the microwave to give a yummy toffee sauce.  I’m told it was very nice.


With the sun still not making an appearance the following day either, we gave up on the BBQ for this Bank Holiday and all agreed it felt like a meatball sort of day.  I grabbed these supplies and got cooking:

Morrisons 25 British Beef Meatballs (R)

Morrisons 25 British beef meatballs 700g £4 each or 3 packs of meat for £10

Morrisons Farfalle

Morrisons Farfalle Pasta 500g 95p or 2 for £1.50

Morrisons Passata with Onion & Garlic

Morrisons Passata with onion & garlic 430g 99p

Morrisons Extra Mature White Cheddar

Morrisons Extra Mature Chedder 350g £2.18 or 2 for £3.50

Meatballs £3.33

Pasta 50p (2/3 of pack)

Passata 99p

Cheese 35p (1/5 of pack)

Total £5.17

From store cupboard ground black pepper, garlic powder

& splash of worcestershire sauce.

Served 3 of us with 1/3 leftover £1.15 per portion

I placed the meatballs in a oven tray and cooked at 180 for 30 mins.


I then poured over the passata, added ground black pepper, garlic powder and splash of worcestershire sauce and placed back in the oven for another 15 mins.  Sprinkled over the cheese and allowed to melt for about 5 mins.

Whilst the meatballs were cooking, I cooked the pasta in salted water.


Next day we had some meatballs and pasta left.  I put the pasta and some of the sauce in a bowl with a couple of meatballs for my lunch.  For the kids lunch I grabbed a couple of the rolls that we have brought for the BBQ that didn’t happen and made them a meatball, sauce and cheese roll.

Morrisons White Finger Rolls (R)

Morrisons White finger rolls 6 per pack 72p or 2 packs for £1

2 Rolls 17p

Cheese 18p (1/10 of pack)

Plus leftover meatballs & sauce £1.72

Total £2.07 or 69p per portion


 If you ask me this is great value for money and it was really tasty too.

Overall, what did we think of Morrisons?  I loved the good value and quality of their meat and fish and all the fresh produce looked such good quality and was really fresh.  Although I did not do my typical weekly shop it is clear that shopping at Morrisons would save me money whilst not compromising on the quality of fresh produce I like.  In fact I think the quality of the fresh produce is much higher.  I purchased Morrisons own brands of goods and their fresh produce.  I did not feel the need to buy named brands as they taste the same whichever supermarket you buy them from.  I was very impressed with our purchases and we still have some fish and meat in the freezer to eat including some peppered beef patties and minted lamb kebabs which were part of the 3 packs of meat for £10.  In fact today we are having the beef joint for lunch which I will be washing down with a little tipple of this and the kids are having fruit mocktails.  Looking forward to seeing what it tastes like.


The staff were all friendly and knowledgeable.  As I said earlier, My Dad grilled the trained butcher on the meat counter and was very impressed.  He says this is the only supermarket he has been in where the staff on the meat counter know what they are talking about and he was quite impressed with this.  Never having been to this store before I was uncertain where a few things wee and all the staff I asked where happy to help and polite and friendly.  On one occasion I asked 2 members of staff where the BBQ’s were and was surprised that it was the store manager who took me to the item unlike other store where I have found Mangers delegate to other staff. to help.  Nothing seemed too much trouble for any of them.

My only problem is Morrisons is an hour away from where I live, I don’t drive and when I consider that I can’t carry a weeks shop back on the bus myself, along with the 1 hr 20 mins journey on a bus each way it’s just not practical.  However, the next time my Father comes to visit I’m running the freezer down and taking a trip back and will stock the freezer up with meat and fish as I really do believe it is such good value for money and the quality was really good.

The other thing to get me shopping there on a weekly basis is to do home delivery to where I live.  Come on Morrisons surely you can deliver to a town an hours drive up the coast.  Asda deliver from Shrewsbury and that’s further away that you are.  I’d be shopping with you every week if you delivered!

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I was given Morrisons vouchers by Morrisons / BritMums which were used to purchase groceries of my choice in order to carry out this review.

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  1. 11th May 2014 / 7:22 pm

    The meatballs sound and look tasty. Hope Morrisons start a delivery service in your area.

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