Your Clothings Autumn Collection Review

Last week I blogged about the opening of Yours Clothing in store in the Bullring shopping centre Birmingham. Whilst there I spent some time trying on outfits.

But first was this outfit, the one I had arrived in.


It is a black 3/4 length sleeve top  with lace/pearl bead details down the shoulder and arms. I’ve had this top for a couple of weeks and I love it. It’s the perfect length in body length. Being a plus size I don’t like tops that end at the waist. I like my tummy area, all of it covered. I find with Yours Clothing that all tops are longer, some are even longer at the back if you like to cover your bottom area which I think a large number of plus sized ladies do.

The lace and bead detail make this item look and feel more luxurious than you would normally get for such a great price of £22.  It can certainly be worn during the day and dressed up for a night out thanks to the lovely pear beads and lace.




Ive owned this top for a couple of weeks now and it has been my go to item for this cooler weather we have been having the last few weeks  I’m not a big fan of knitwear as I seem to get too hot in traditional knitwear.  I’ll happily sit in a t shirt during the winter months as I don’t tend to feel the cold but this top seems just right for me, certainly not too hot and just warm enough for me not to need a second layer.

The top also washes brilliantly, requires very little ironing and after a number of washes is showing no signs of bobbling.  I’ve just washed the top on a 40 wash with other dark clothes.


I also love the skater skirt (£17) I am wearing. I love the pattern of the fabric and the cut is brilliant. Absolutely fantastic skirt and one I know I will wear all season with some nice thick black tights and boots.  Being black and white, colour can be brought in to your outfit by picking a bright coloured top or accessories. In fact the top I am wearing also comes in 3 other colours Magenta, Pink and Grey Marl.



Whilst at the store I tried on the Magenta top.


Although it is described as magenta it’s not as bright as I imagined and instead I felt it was a warming berry colour perfect for this time of year. It’s the sort of colour that suits so many peoples colourings and will look frantastic with the skater skirt as well as jeans or smarter trousers for a night out.  Love this colour and having seen how much wear I have had from the black top I may very well be purchasing one of these too.

Whilst at the Bullring store I also tried on a lovely Autumn casual coat for £42.


Think this will be great for autumn and spring but feel I need something with slightly thicker lining for the winter months considering we live right by the sea and it does tend to get cold and blustery here.  However, this coat is still on my wish list as I find my summer coat is not substantial enought for autumn but my winter coat is too warm.  Pretty certain this may be ordered quite soon.

As with all Yous Clothing the fit is true to size and I always know what size to pick up and try on and I have yet to need to change sizes with anything.  I find with other stores the size I need from different stores fluctuates quite considerably and at times in the same store I will need to swap sizes depending up the item of clothing.  With Yours Clothing you don’t get this.  Their designers have done their homework before the clothes are fitted on 2 different sized models and if necessary tweeks are made before the clothes hit the stores.  I also find their clothes to not only fit well but wear well, no stitches coming undone, buttons falling off after one wear or colours fading.  All this at such fantastic prices.

Apart from one other casual outfit which I have since ordered and a top I did actually buy on the day, I just have some outfits suitable for Christmas parties to show you and a couple of pairs of boots I tried on.  I have ordered one of the pairs of boots and have my eyes firmly looking at another pair which may be purchased too!

What do you think of these boots?  Should I get them?


if you want to have a sneak peak at the outfit I did order online after I got home, there is a picture on my Instagram account.  I’ve also have some jeans, 2 tops and a cardi I purchased at the beginning of last month that I have not blogged about.  Pretty plain basic tops and jeans but as usual a lovely fit and get value for money.  I’ll blog about these clothes over a couple of posts this week and next.

You can shop online here and if you spend more than £40 on full priced goods you can get free standard UK delivery when using code October this month.

You can find your nearest UK store here.

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  1. Helena
    7th October 2014 / 3:12 am

    Looks fabulous and having seen you in person wearing this it looks more gorgeous in real life. But those long skinny legs of yours do make an outfit life this even more fabulous x

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