Chipotle Chicken With Veg Rice


We love spicy Mexican food and i like nothing better than some ready sauces and mixes that give us the authentic Mexican taste we love with out all the hassle of chopping this, chopping that.

Santa Maria make a lovely range of products to give your cooking that yummy Mexican taste.  They also simplify the cooking and preparation.  As a busy working Mother I really appreciate this.  Santa Maria are the leading expert in World Spices in Northern Europe and has been trading in the spice business since the beginning of the 20th Century.  They are dedicated to sourcing and producing the highest quality products and developing exciting taste combinations.  In April Santa Maria launched its Better Taste Guarantee to prove it’s Mexican products taste better than the leading competition or they will give you your money back.

We were sent a jar of Chipotle paste to celebrate Cinco De Mayo (5th of May)

Santa Maria Chipolte Paste

The sauce is labelled hot (It does as it says on the tin!) and it’s main ingredients are chipote peppers and tomato puree.  I spread a small amount of paste straight from the jar on to uncooked chicken breasts and placed them to cook in the oven.

Whilst cooking I thinly sliced 1 onion and some mushroom and sauteed them with a little butter and black pepper until soft.  Once cooked I add cooked long grain rice allowed the rice to absorb the juices from the mushroom, onion and melted butter.

I made a timball of rice and veg in the middle of the plate, added the chicken breast which I sliced on an angle and sprinkled with parsley.


The sauce did have quite a kick to it but didn’t leave my mouth feeling like it was on fire.  Please note I only used a small amount of paste though.

On the Santa Maria website there are some fantastic Mexican recipes.  Personally I’m going to be trying the Brie and Chipotle Tart made with the Chipotle paste next.

Product Review Us Three By The Sea

For the purpose of this review I received a jar of Santa Maria Chipotle Paste.

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