Family Fun – #PassAroundTheWorld

Having family fun is something that we love doing. Family fun is so vital to a happy life together. We find family activities a great stress release as well allowing us time to relax with each other and talk about our dreams and anything that worries us. Lately The Girl has had some health issues and we have found splice in family actives as a break from the stress and strains these health issues have brought in to our lives.

With so many electronic gadgets, many of which don’t involve the whole family spending time together, having valuable time together is limited.  Personally I find as a working Mother, it’s hard to find a few spare hours to all enjoy an activity together. But when we do it certainly lifts our spirits especially if we can get out in to the fresh air.

I was recently made aware of this great quick and easy family activity that both the kids have said they want to have some fun doing. The idea comes from the Saracens Rugby team in association with Allianz who want to pass a rugby ball around the world. To do this they would like people to upload a video of a ruby ball being caught then passed on. A lovely bit of family fun for all members of the family to get involved in.

Teen in rugby kit ; family fun

The Boy loves rugby and living in Wales where rugby is such a popular sport, PE lessons are certainly more rugby than football even the girls play rugby!

Tween girl ruby family fun

Will you be uploading your rugby pass?

There are a range of great prizes to be won for taking part.

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