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Harem pants are just everywhere right now.  I was looking at some online from Yours Clothing a few weeks ago and was umming and arring about buying some.  You may remember that my Daughter and I were discussing whether or not I was too old for some.  The conclusion was according to my Daughter that I was ok to wear a pair and they would look nice as all the models for Yours Clothing were adult old.  Not quite sure if that was meant as a compliment but what ever ‘adult old’ is it is obviously me!

Despite my Daughter’s comment I went ahead and ordered this pair of black Harem Pants:


I teamed it with a black rib vest and kimono.  I did actually love the coral vest in this outfit but they didn’t have my size in stock.


This outfit did have an outing at BritMums live:


They really are super comfy and great in this warmer weather too as they cover the fact my legs are so white yet are very cool to wear in the heat.  They have had a number of outings over the past few weeks since I purchased them. In fact i am wearing them today as I type this.  I love that the pants look great with both heels and flats.


Whilst I was in London, Yours Clothing invited me to their Surrey Quays newly opened store to choose a pair of harem pants.  I already had the black pair, well within my usual dark colours comfort zone, so I wanted a pair that were a little less me.  A pair of harem pants that were patterned.  I stuck to a neutral black and white and picked 2 pairs to try on:20140710-130159-46919741.jpg


I walked out of the changing rooms not quite sure which pair to choose.  Both the style and certainly the patterns were well out of my comfort zone but I was determined to rock this look no matter what.  Walking to the till, both pairs of haram’s still in hand, still undecided, I saw this picture super sized right of the wall in front of me.

 Yours Clothing Plus sized fashion

It was simple, the decision was made.  I just loved this outfit when I first saw it but it had sold out online so it never made the final choice.  I loved it for the very reason it was out of my comfort zone.  I never wore anything so patterned and in your face which is why I feel in love with it.  I always saw patterns like this for younger women not ones in their 40’s but this model was older and looked great.

I left the shop and headed back to my hotel.  The black vest I had tried the haram pants on with was tried on again with the pants back at the hotel and it just somehow seemed a safe outfit.  Although the harem pants were very patterned and not the sort of thing I normally wore, the black vest seemed to tone them down and make them more me.  I didn’t want ‘me’.

I wanted a change.

To be adventurous.

To try something new.

I got up the next morning, had breakfast and jumped back on the tube to Surrey Quays to get a new top.  That pink top from the online shop which they had in my size.  I tried it on with the leggings I was wearing and was really happy with the fit.  Long enough to cover the bits I wanted to and no gaping around the arm and neck holes.  A perfect fit; something I struggle with when trying on other brands.  Yours Clothing really do fit their clothes to real plus sized models and it shows.


Saturday morning the new outfit went to BritMums Live.  It was quite a warm day and I can honestly say the trousers and top were a really good fit and kept me cool throughout the day.

Great for lift selfies:


Silly Photos:


Great for travelling back on the train:


The harem pants wash really well and don’t need ironing if hung straight from the tumble drier.  This is a super big plus in my books.  The pink vest washes really well too but needs a little ironing but not a great deal.

Both online and in the Surrey Quays store the matching kimono style top was out of stock.  In a way I was glad, as I think it would have been a step too far for trying a new style of clothing.

Black And White Aztec Print Kimono Style Shrug

On Sunday I received a copy of the Yours Clothing email telling me it was back in stock.

I ummmed.

I arrrred.

Monday afternoon I ordered it and it arrived yesterday (Wednesday).

I love it!


Just not brave enough to put it on with the matching trousers yet but it looks fantastic with the black black rib vest and black harem pants.

Product Review Us Three By The Sea

For the purpose of this review I was given the Aztec Print Harem Pants by Yours Clothing.  The black harem pants, black rib vest, kimono top & black leggings are all from Yours Clothing but purchased by myself.  All views are my own.

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  1. Katie
    19th July 2014 / 7:36 pm

    They look really lovely on and so practical too.

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