Kitchen Appliances: My Top Three Favourites

Kitchen appliances bring so many pluses to our lives. As a busy single working Mother a large part of my time is taken up with work or looking after the children and our home.  I just adore any gadget that can make my life easier.  I love cooking from scratch, using fresh ingredients to prepare our meals.  It’s something I really enjoy doing and I try to do it every day.  Some days this can be stressful due to time constraints but with the help of kitchen appliances I find the cooking of family meals can be made so much easier, quicker and they are tastier. I think I have the full range of kitchen appliances apart from a coffee machine (I don’t drink coffee) but part of me would like one just to be able to froth milk for hot chocolates!

Kitchen Appliances – Microwave

My favourite kitchen appliance that is essential in our house has to be our microwave.  I really don’t think I could manage without one.  Our microwave has so many uses.  I love drinking tea, buckets of tea.  I’m sure you can relate that as a Mother there are times, many times in my case, where my tea goes cold before I have drunk it.  Straight in the microwave it goes.  I have been known to reheat the same mug of tea a number of times if I am being honest.

Kitchen Appliances

We also Make use of our microwave to heat our breakfast muffins or to cook our porridge each morning.  I’m not sure how the kids would cope if we didn’t have the microwave to cook these foods.  I’m quite sure our morning routines would not go a  smoothly as it should and everyone would be very stressed which is not the best way to start your day.

I also use the microwave to melt butter or chocolate, to warm milk for hot chocolate and to cook sauces. You can guarantee that I will burn the sauce if I cook it on the hob and nobody likes scrubbing burnt food off the bottom of a saucepan!  I also use it to warm up left overs which we eat the next day or to defrost food that has been frozen.

Our microwave really is one of the essential kitchen appliances in our house.

Kitchen Appliances – Food Processor

Having Carpel Tunnel and Rheumatoid Arthritis in both wrists, I find kitchen appliances such as food processors with an attached blender essential kit to have.  I actually own two processors one smaller one that I use for tasks such as grating cheese for when I need large quantities in recipes such as cheese and potato pie.  I also use the smaller processor for crushing biscuits for cheesecake bases or for making bread crumbs to be used for homemade stuffing or coating chicken goujons.

I use my large food processor for making cakes, kneeling bread dough (by attaching a bread hook) and the blender attachment for soup making.

Kitchen Appliances – Slow Cooker

As a working Mother I find our slow cooker to be one of the really useful kitchen appliances to have.  We love stews and casseroles and I love the ease in which I can do some quick prep in a morning then go to work leaving our meal cooking away.  When you come home, the smell of a wonderful cassorole filing the house is wonderful.  I also use our slow cooker to make jacket potatoes and yummy chocolate puddings.

Having kitchen appliances to assist with all the little tasks can make cooking more fun.  Kitchen appliances help you save time and money as they assist with the tasks required to make home cooked meals which are far tastier and healthier for you than ready meals you can buy.  Home cooked meals don’t have the additives and excessive salt and sugar that you usually find in shop brought ready meals either.

I’m curious to hear what your favourite kitchen appliances are.  What kitchen appliances help you most in the kitchen?  What are your top three favourite kitchen appliances?

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