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Over on my personal blog, the one where I write about me, the one that doesn’t have endless posts about the kids I am in the process of writing a health and welbeing series about looking after ourselves; be it our physical health, mental health, fitness and beauty routines or just plain you time.

Buckets Of Tea Looking After ourselves blog series

Things we do to keep our bodies fit and healthy are just as important as keeping our minds fit and healthy.  I suffer from a number of Chronic Physical Illness’ that do have an effect upon my daily life.  I try to stay positive about them and When I can I love to do activities that help me to relax and gain pleasure from doing.

One thing that I know would have a huge impact upon my life would be if I didn’t have good vision.  We use our eyes for so much of our daily activities.  I don’t think I could imagine how frightening life could be if I didn’t have my sight.  It’s something I want to hold on to.  For the past 3 years before she died my Mother was registered partially sighted and its something I don’t think I would ever wish upon anybody.

Looking After Ourselves - Eyes

Like a large number of people I’ve not been blessed with perfect 20:20 vision. I have worn glasses for over 30 years now for distance.  I’m now getting to the stage I need reading glasses too.  It started around the time off hen in 4 0 birthday.  So much for life starting at 40!

Without fail I get my eyes checked every 6 months as advised by my optometrist.  This is what is recommended for me with my health issues and family background.  An optometrist will advise the frequency of eye tests that are right for you.  Most people only need to visit an optometrist every 2 years.

An eye test carried out by a professional opticians company, such as Optical Express, you can be assured that all the staff are professionally trained and will have access to all the latest technological developments to enable them to carry out the eye examination.  The tests will not only check your vision to see if you need a proscription for glasses but will tests will also be carried out to help indenting other health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure and monitor for early signs of eye disease such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Looking after ourselves and having regular eye tests that are suitable for us is something that we all should be doing but too often its something that is often overlooked.  It’s something that we shouldn’t be over looking whilst on our journey of looking after ourselves.

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