Shoes & Sparkle

I love shoes

I love sparkle

Shoes and sparkle mixed together are one of my favourite things.

Last month Yours Clothing sent me a sparkle T and some shoes to review. The t shirt was a charcoal grey with the back hem being longer than the front which was wonderful to hid bits that you may want to hide!


The sleeves just covered the shoulders which is fantastic during this really warm weather we are having. I know I don’t need to worry about burning my very sun sensitive skin on delicate shoulders. One less thing to worry about can only be a positive.


This photograph was taken after 4 ‘normal’ washes. I’m a busy working mother and don’t have time for hand washing or using delicate programmes on the washing machine. It’s as simple as towels, darks, lights and jeans in our house. Life is too short for anything more.

As you can see none of the sparkle (actual little beads) have come off.


The canvas pumps come in a triple E fitting and are a great quality.  Online they are described as grey but they are more of a mushroom colour (beige/grey) but still went well with many different outfits.

The shoes have also had a good trial and are wearing well.


Both items are really comfortable to wear and are great value for money.  Too many times now a days clothes are so poorly made they just don’t last the what modern life throws at them.  I really hate when clothing frays, splits at the seams or fades after a few washes.  Life for me is too short to worry about taking extra special care washing them.  I’m confident both items are still in such a fabulous condition that they can be warn again next summer and nobody will know I’ve already had a summer’s wear out of them.

For the purpose of this review Yours Clothing sent me the t-shirt

and canvas pumps free of charge.  

All words are my own.



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