The Morning Mad Rush

I don’t know about you but the morning here in the US Three By The Sea household can go one of two ways; peaceful & calm or utter chaos.  The Boy leaves for school at 8am, he has to call on the chickens on his way and let them out, make sure their food & water is full before he starts school at 8.30.  The girl leaves to catch the school bus at the end of the road at 8.30.  When they have both left I jump in the shower, do some housework; washing, dirty dishes, quick think about tea and leave at 9.40.

That’s a peaceful and calm morning.  A couple of weeks ago we had an utter chaos morning.  We had been sent some breakfast biscuits from Belvita to try and I felt today was a good day to put them to the test.  Breakfast biscuits are something that I have never purchased before and was intrigued to see if they did keep the hunger pangs away.

The Girl had a hospital appointment in Aberystwyth at 12 which meant living in the middle of nowhere we had to be on the 8.50 bus to get there in time.  The next bus 2 hours later would mean we would be 30 minutes late.

Let the madness commence!


We caught the first bus just in time!  How can things go so wrong?  The taxi to take The Girl and I to the bus stop in town was booked for 8.40.  An extra 10 minutes for her to get ready.  Ok an hour less for me but I got up an hour earlier!  Please explain why it was utter choas??

My cup of tea in the photo above was drunk cold and I usually have 2 hot cups of tea!  If I wasn’t able to just open the Belvita Biscuits and hand them to the kids I’m sure we would have been late if the usual cereal and toast had been involved.  Time saving points to Belvita.


Gorgeous view of Aberdovy harbour from the bus.

imageAboard the second bus:image


Only having buses leave our town every 2 hours meant that we were an hour and a half early for our appointment so we went off for an early lunch.  imageimage

By the time our yummy food had arrived it was over 4 hours since we had eaten the Belvita Biscuits.  I can honestly say that I hadn’t felt hungry at all and there had been no ‘I’m hungry’ whines from The Girl either.  Usually when we change buses she is wanting to run to the sweet shop in the 5 minutes we have to wait but today she didn’t even ask.  As for The Boy, well he is a growing lad and no matter what he has eaten he will always eat more.  Swear that boy doesn’t have a full button.


Off to the hospital we went.


We went in to see the Doctor.image

And then after a thorough discussion, we came out.image

On the way back a little unhappy face as what we were told by the Doctor was not good news and we now look forward to a trip to Swansea for some tests under General Anesthetic.  Think I may be packing some Belvita Biscuits for the trip as I can’t stand the I’m hungry whine every 15 minutes for a journey that far.image

For the purpose of the view we were set the following 3 varieties of Belvita.  All tasted really nice but the kids loved the yogurt crunch the best, so much I didn’t get a look in with those.  Surprisingly they both liked the fruit and fibre ones which surprised me as they ever usually like dried fruit even if hidden in some nice yummy biscuit.  My favourite were the milk and cereals and since we have done this review a couple of boxes of those have fell in my supermarket trolly.

Lidoff_225x225IDShot_225x225IDShot_225x225 (1)

Belvita say the breakfast biscuits are:

  • Gently baked breakfast biscuits made with wholegrain cereals and milk
  • Proven to slowly release carbohydrates for 4 hours
  • Made with a blend of 5 wholegrains and a source of vitamins and minerals
  • BelVita biscuits in a balanced breakfast regularly release carbohydrates over 4 hours
  • Give you energy for the whole morning as the breakfast biscuits have a high content of slowly digestible starch, which is a slow release carbohydrate. Consumption of foods high in slowly digestible starch raises blood glucose concentration less after a meal compared to foods low in slowly digestible starch.

Product Review Us Three By The Sea

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  1. 20th May 2014 / 4:55 pm

    Enjoyed a glimpse into your mornings. Sending very best wishes to your little girl. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

    • Candace
      21st May 2014 / 11:33 am

      Thanks Kate

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