Time Flies

It’s now the second week of July and 3 weeks since BritMums Live. Where have these weeks gone?

I came away from BritMums Live happily, enthusiastic and quite frankly very overwhelmed. Everyone there seemed to know what they were doing. A couple of the sessions I wanted to attend I couldn’t. One I missed just out of being sheer overwhelmed. The other I missed due to space. The room was full and due to health reasons I am unable to stand and there was simply nowhere to sit. To be honest by the time I got home I wished I had taken my crutches as I was in quite some pain and also exhausted.

It’s hard to explain how tired I get and how quickly it happens. Just 10 years ago I would never have dreamed my body would behave this way and my life would be turned upside down. Chronic pain is hard to live with and even harder to explain to others.

With this year flying by so quickly it feels as if I went to sleep yesterday and it was the 2nd week of January.  I really feel as if I have achieved so little this year.  Time just seems to be passing me by.

Health wise things hasn’t been a picnic.  But it just seems to have taken up so much of my time as well as having an impact on literally every other aspect of my life.  Over half term at the end of my I let it stress me out and it made for a not so pleasant half term although i did make a super big effort on the last Saturday afternoon after I left work and we had a great afternoon out in the sun.  The glorious, warm, sunny sun.

That week I also underwent hospital tests.



As a result of these tests My Consultant changed my meds. Yep, lasted all of 2 weeks before things went to pot and I’m back on what I was on. Reason the results had improved was because the meds were working. Take me off them and I go down hill!

Add to this my few busy hectic days at BritMums Live and life over the last 3 weeks has been interesting to say the least.

Well I am now embarking on the nasty journey of side effects again. Not nice side effects but slightly better than being off the meds.

Now I just need to catch up on everything that I have let slip since BritMums Live and try to get back on top of all this madness. Also finding time to implement all the great things I learnt during those 2 very manic days.

Do you go through crazy spells where everything in life is out of hand?

Is there something in your life that holds you back from doing the things you want to do in life?

Do you blink and suddenly think where has all the time gone?

Or is it just me?


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