Easter chocolate nests, one of the easiest chocolate desserts to make.  Small (and big) kids love eating them, they love making them and if your kids are anything like mine, they love licking the bowl after too! This is my quick and easy way of making chocolate nests and one of the ways the lovely folks at Center Parcs thinks s a good way to make yummy chocolate nests: Break 200g of milk chocolate up and melt in the microwave.  Start with 1 min then decrease to 30 seconds then 10 seconds at a time stirring at each point.  Continue… View Post

I am declaring next week on the blog Chocolate week.  Every day next week I will share a recipe that contains chocolate as one of the ingredients.  There will be easy child friendly recipes that the kids can literally make on their own and also some just for us adults recipes. Just like a lot of things in life too much can be bad for you.  Chocolate is high in calories which is probably why it tastes so good. Milk Chocolate has 535 kcal per 100g White Chocolate has 539 kcal per 100g Dark Chocolate has 546 kcal per 100g… View Post